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  1. I have this problem too. When i do the non destructive combine Boolean operation it makes the shapes the same colour. (does fix the gap issue) When i go to sub edit i am not able to change the shapes colours independently so it goes against what i want to create. I also enabled precise clipping and re started AD but not much difference. Method used Fill only (no outline) Snapping preset - object creation Pen tool to create shapes Node tool to check snapping Layers/Compound/Sub Curve select to try and apply different shades
  2. Hi Chris K This is true, only with the rounded rectangle tool the error occurs. Thanks James
  3. when using the subtract Boolean tool after selecting two objects (even if converted to curves before hand) the subtraction does not work correctly. Reproduction: Make a curved rectangle make a normal rectangle above select both and click the Subtract button This is what happens (see attachment)
  4. Win Beta I would love to be able to hold the CTRL key to switch between move and node tools and vice versa, This is a very speedy way of working (Illustrator) the CTRL key seems to be un used on node, but on move it seems to duplicate the object when dragged, the ALT key does this also. Suggestion: ALT key only duplicates when dragged in move tool CTRL reserved for switching (as above)
  5. + 1 on this It was the first thing i tried to do on AD as I frequently use it in illustrator (offset path) as it's great for borders and icons in my UI artist job. I agree adding and outline and expanding it is a pain, especially on complex objects having to delete the inner most nodes to make it solid.
  6. Yes, the ability to self create vector patterns would be great, plus a few samples of course :)
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