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  1. It is an all version problem of AD. Crushed after opened. If Compatible Mode windows 8 is checked, it can start but work difficultly with low fps and wrong east-asia fonts displayed and unknown dead. I change the drivers of intel and nvidia,but it did not work.I also reinstall AD. Please fix the problem soon, I've installed two new betas since the problem appeared, so this time I have to point it out. It reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally influences my experience.
  2. I set ctrl+alt+shift+~ as guides quickpass lot of artboards select one artboard In guides panel,the number was shown as relative coordinate but edit in absolute coordinate. How can I caculate them every time adding gaps and other artboards weith or height though I'm Chinese guy. Make them relative coordinate PLEASE!!!
  3. Symbols get a lot of bugs. Several bugs I met yesterday during making a contents. 3 text art objects and a rectangle group them and creat symbols copy and ctrl+j now I have three ctrl+shift+left now I have six disable sync edit the text enable sync(why the color do not sync in changed text?why the font height of the text changed in the character panel(not double click editing them) can not synced?(but it can be synced as an object by dragging the around point,but in this way you cannot control the font number precisely) ) move in the symbols disable sync and enable many times retangle missing!!! and now look at the symbol in th symbol studio,there's nothing in it,it's transparent.then I delete the symbol from studio,but editing the six symbols(group) it still work as a symbol and I ctrl+shift+g them one by one,some symbols may change other symbols area!!! One more question:When can we search the fonts by typing in font bar?When can we have background blur for UI designers?