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  1. Hmm, i am not convinced about animations, or more precisely vfx. What i know, there is definitely a opportunity to make a animation software for using in mobile devices. There is literally no SW obtain in high-fidelity mobile animation. You have to use AE with Lottie or projects like Haiku.ai to do that. Or i dont know any other AE competitors at least. This could be a way to sell another software solution (or Persona) filling the hole in the market and expand the workflow of existing SW to another trendy way.
  2. Sry, i went through that very quickly. I ve thought you suggest add this features into Personas. Probably mb. Btw, my english is terrible so...
  3. My personal bet is they will try to get closer to Ai as much as possible instead of focusing on webdesign features. There is simply less high quality competitors in vector graphics than in webdesign/prototype branch. Design/Prototype is too much competitive field to play right now (XD, Sketch, Figma, Framer, Invision Studio, Axure, UXpin, Justinmind, Supernova Studio, ProtoPie and many others).
  4. I guess its too feature heave weight to add into an AD. If they gonna do that (i highly doubt about it), they will create standalone app for it.
  5. Affinity Designer wasnt meant as a webdesign solution. It should replace Illustrator, so it implies a software for creating vector graphics, not a competitor to Sketch/AdobeXD/Figma. I usually use Figma/XD for layout/content/prototyping and AD for creating illustrations etc..
  6. Guys, calm down. I have never said that feature with most votes should be mandatory to implement. Its a hint what community most starve for. I think the flag system i mentioned shows that the final choice is always on developers because they could flag any feature as "not planned". Are we ok?
  7. Hi Affinity, due the huge amount of feature requests, i think it would be nice to have some voting platform like guys from webflow (https://wishlist.webflow.com/?sort=popular) or many others to give a some sort of awareness of what features community starve for the most. I think the vote system and ability to see the most wanted features could bring a little bit more clarity for community as well as developers. If you add flags like (planned, not planned, considering, in dev etc.), it could work as a kind of roadmap as well. What do you think? Tomas
  8. It´s obvious, but why i need a template file or create it? Only difference between Photo and Designer is a checkbox "Use artboards" in creating new project and a tool in toolbar. Everything else Photo can do, so i ask: What is the reason to not have this feature allowed natively in Photo if it knows how to work with artboards? It´s absurd.I have bought both Photo and Designer, but Photo only owners needs to make a research on google how to allow artboards and find forum where is artboard teamplate or someone can say "There is no way to use artboards in Photo so fck off i will stay with Ps". Just add the checkbox to Photo and you will save a lot of time to users and you can promote this modern feature as well.
  9. I understand you designed Photo to be one image bitmap editor, but i would definitely like to have artboards even in Photo, because i often create banner groups for ad systems like adwords andn sklik.cz (czech republic only), which means i have to make about 15 different banner compositions and i have to do them in PsCC. Affinity Designer is not a good enviroment due to lack of bitmap tools, masking etc. In case i postprocess some photo, i use artboards as well - i have 2 or 3 of them with same image but different effects and there i am able to easily compare which way is better etc. Artboards are definitely useful even in Photo. Pls, try to rethink the possibility to add them there. EDIT: I know i can create artboard file in Designer, but it´s still a workaround and people who dont need Designer needs to purchase it to be able to use artboards. Kinda weird.
  10. It should be done for sure, as a high priority feature. Look at Blender, it´s a good piece of software but community made Blender a masterpiece thanks awesome plugins.
  11. I would appreciate it as well since the Adobe XD is under subscription.
  12. Haha, sorry, i didn´t noticed the post is so old. Anyway, if someone will see this topic, the mac only information could be useful.
  13. Pls, done this feature soon. I've bought a affinity designer and i'm tired switching to Ps coz this feature is still missing. It couldn't be hard to implement and you talking about it for 2 years.
  14. What about divide the border and main object color to be able disable both these colors without focus on them? If i want to disable border color and main color is focused, i have to swtich them as first and disable them. Problem is there is a lot of useless clicks when creating an UI and trying some object with or without color etc.
  15. Hey Serif, is there (in aff designer) an option to minimize the studio panel tools to single icons as its implemented in PS? I work often on my 15" inch laptop with fullhd and i have lack of place here because the studio has its own minimal width and cannot be minimized. Viewport is much better in PS thanks this and i will appreciate this feature in designer too, because i actually replaced PS by your sexy software :) Thanks. Sorry for possible topic duplicate - i couldn't read every feature request here. Tom
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