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  1. As it is clear that my previous explanations have not been adequate to explain the problem, I have made a new video. (In the meantime I have tried using factory resets as advised by Serif, without success) The new video shows that the healing brush is working as expected in the AP 1.6 beta, but goes wrong when I try exactly the same settings on the same photo in AP 1.5. I also show that related functions (i.e. blemish removal) appear to be working in 1.5. IF there is a file corruption, then I should be able to get round that by re-installing AP 1,5. But that does not work either. Help!!!! Revised_HealingBrush_vid.mp4
  2. Thanks Chris_K, but that does not seem to be the issue. I have tried reducing the brush hardness and it still corrupts the image. I think I have a file corruption somewhere. Uninstalling and reinstalling has not soved the problem, so there must be a common or reference file that is surviving that change. How can I find it, neutralise it, or reset it?
  3. Problem exists on AP 1.5.2 o/s Windows 10 symptoms 1: Healing brush works in unusual way causing an effect over an area much wider than set brush width. 2; This has persisted despite using the repair feature of the instal download (twice); and after uninstalling completely and reinstalling 3: I have tested the identical operation 1with AP beta, and it works fine This fault appeared quite suddenly, the healing brish having worked perfectly all morning. The fault is reproducible, a screen grab vdeo is attached Help and advie requested, please. HealingBrushFault.mp4
  4. Windows 10. Sffinity beta Could not delete a preset in the details section when processing a raw picture. The preset did not work.
  5. I have been a Serif customer since 1991, and have kept many of their products up to date. Their achievment, capped by the still developing Affinity series is remarkable, and is to be celebrated. However, I remain an amateur, and I hope I am forgiven for occasionally seeking clarification or response to adverse comment, whether ill informed or not. At least that process provides a justification for a public refutation which might otherwise sound shrill.
  6. All that said, I am looking forward to the truly non-destructive raw processing promised by Serif in the dvelopment programme
  7. I too have heard these mutterings, especially from dyed-in-the-wool photoshop users that I regularly meet at my camera Club. That is why I started the discussion so I could judge the validity or otherwise of the comments. So your comments are really appreciated by an enthusiastic amateur
  8. My peace of mind is restored, as I was sure it would be! Thankyou.
  9. While doing a Google search I came across this rather disturbing article from 2015 http://loewald.com/…/affinity-photo-no-good-for-photography/ If that article is correct,then it points to a serious deficiency in Affinity. Yes, there was a later article published that went some way toward mitigating the problem, but only for Mac users http://loewald.com/blog/2016/09/affinity-photo-redeemed/ Does anyone know anything about this? Has anything changed in recent times?
  10. Chris B: With regard to dragging to increase px ( or %) have a look at this video (Official Affinity) https://player.vimeo.com/video/187632201/ AS it turns out,I misreportedthe problem Working with Gaussian blur, the amount can be increased beyond 100 pix either with the mousewheel or by the slider method. BUt when you add noise the wheel will not take you beyond 100% but the slider will (though the number shown does not go beyond 100%). This works properly in AP1.5. (If you are wonderng why I would want to add that much noise, it is one way of adding rain to an image on a black pixel layer - you add a motion blur to the noise, and a suitable blend mode)
  11. I was carrying out an exercise using the AP beta I needed to add a lot of Gaussian blur (above 100%). This I did successfully by click drag to the right. But in the beta version the digital readout would not show a value above 100%. I checked this in AP 1.5, and it worked successfully. A minor bug, but it needs to be addressed sometime.
  12. My error. This wonderful feature is already available in both AP and AD.
  13. I note that in AD, you can select fonts from dropdowns of used, recent, and favourites. Excellent facility. Can we have it in photo please?
  14. I was afraid that was the case. I have loaded eraser. It is not as good, but nearly so And thanks for the identifont link. It looks interesting
  15. I recently viewed the Vimeo tutorial on Displacement, which used an Apple font called Chalkduster. It looked quite useful. Can you plse advise where it can be downloaded as ttf for use on a Windows machine?
  16. In AD, you can apply textures to the stroke round an object. It looks like the same facility should be in Photo (the textured brush option ezists in the path dialogue). But it does not seem to be working,
  17. That is most encouragingm and what I expected. But what is the best mechanism for (say) (a) keeping my library of images on a NAS attached to my network at home, and accessing such a file from the Ipad Pro (b) saving images on the Ipad Pro using wireless transfer from the camera, then transferring them from there to the NAS. (MY NAS is a very basic Synology system. (by the way, I am 76 and really am grateful for the time and trouble people take to answer what must seem to be basic questions)
  18. It is becoming increasingly clear that it will be a very long time before there is an Android or Windowa equivalent of the Photo/ Designer for Ipad combination.- if it ever happens. Some of us have been Windows users for years, largely because there are some technical sectors where the apps we use are mainly available for Windows. But it is laso clear from the reviews that Photo for Ipad is a brilliant piece of software, and seems to be a delight to use. That begs the question of whether there is an effective workflow that would allow the use of an Ipad Pro for offsite work in combination with a Windows based system back at base. How would files be transferred between the two? Would the expected DAM address some of the issues of interchageability? I am sure I am not the only person to want to avoid being trapped into the Apple family of devices. It seems once in, there is no way out! Comment and advice welcome.
  19. Thanks for the clarification. I cold not imagine it would be otherwise, but I was not certain.
  20. I gave a presentation about Affinity to the Southampton Camera Club. It is one of the oldest camera clubs in the country and runs an international photo competition that is widely supported from many countries. As suggested on this Forum,I used some of the Serif promo videos and a couple of the tutorials. The audience was probably 60% professional or seriously competent amateur photographers, and 40% amateurs, like me. If you cut the first group in half, you would see “Photoshop” written there like a stick of rock. The presentation was well received, and all acknowledged that Affinity was a serious product. The amateurs could see the cost advantage. The professionals, and semi professionals, however, had some criticisms (based on having tried Affinity). The principal ones were 1: Files are very slow to load into Affinity Photo. It was suggested that this is because Affinity is a 32 bit program, not a 64bit program. I queried that assertion and suggested it could be that the way Affinity handles live views so well including real time repaints, such as real time views of blends and brushes, and scans of large files might mean the files would take a bit longer to load at first. Clarification requested. 2: The print functions were regarded by some PS addicts to be poor (to the extent that they looked like an afterthought), though others suggested this might be due to different terminology. I have seen suggestions that print improvement is high up the priority list. More clarity please. 3: The RAW engine was regarded as much poorer than Photoshop. I pointed out that it is planned to make the RAW operations non-destructive, Additional comment welcome. 4: The absence of a DAM (data asset manager) that could match lightroom’s file handling capability was seen by many (including me) as a major weakness, and it was suggested by one PS acolyte that by the time we were charged for the DAM we would be up to the cost of Lightroom (which, of course, ignored the fact that Lightroom is only available on subscription). I pointed out that even if major pais-for upgrades (i.e. Version 2 etc) came out every 2 years, Affinity would still be easily competitive with Lightroom on price. Even the hard bitten PS professionals welcomed the real time display of brushes, blends and filters, and the automatic addition of masks to filters, It was a relaxed and friendly discussion, and it was clear that even the professionals expect Affinity to put right its weak points. I would love to be able to respond to the comments in a positive manner.
  21. Thanks for your patience. It could well have been "finger trouble" at the end of a long session of processing, or it may have been a computer issue rather than software, though it seemed to only affect Affinity. If it re-appears and I can describe it, I willl revert. If you wish you can delete this thresd for the time being.
  22. Hi there I run both Designer and Photo on Windows 10. Both have been working well until today when quite suddenly the selection brush stopped working. I have tried the following 1: reboot after cleaning cache and running disk cleanup 2: use mouse, or tablet, or touch pad 3: repeat using Designer 4: Respeat using the new beta version of photo and designer 1.6 5: Checked that flood selection and marquee selection work OK 6 check selection tools in photoshop organiser are working I am at a loss to know what to try next, short of completely uninstalling and reinstalling, As at 16 July, the problem has gine away,and I am unable to reproduce it. I will revert if it reappears Regards Graham
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