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  1. Hi Chris_K, I'm sorry for the looooooong wait for my answer, been busy using the software and not finding anything too serious to complain about, (I guess that's a good thing) so I kind of lost track of this one. I guess the rotation-thing is not really resolvable (using the command from the View menu with a shortcut on my Wacom), but it's not a dealbreaker for me, still a great addition when drawing. The Expand stroke just doesn't work for me like it should then. When I just create a rectangle or draw a curve with a fill (no stroke) and I also draw a stroke and select them together and use expand stroke, I get an expanded stroke from the curve, which has no fill and an expanded stroke from the stroke which does have a fill. I attached 2 .jpg's to illustrate this. Thanks for any help with this issue. Regards, Zsolt
  2. Zsolt

    Affinity Designer for Windows - 1.6.5

    Hi, so far the update is looking good, except for one thing. I don't know if this was deliberately removed, but I loved the possibility to select and edit previously drawn lines by pressing Ctrl. In this version, I can only edit the most recently drawn line and I have to either use the layers menu to select something else (which is far from ideal with a complex drawing) or switch to the node edit tool manually. So please can I have this feature back? Kind regards, Zsolt
  3. Hi, I know the mesh fill tool is still on the roadmap and I have some suggestions for it. I understand it will be like in DrawPlus and the mesh fill will be a rectangle placed over the original object, which can then be reshaped and edited. In the attached images you can see how working with vertices works in Blender and I actually think it would be very handy to use these features in the mesh fill tool. See the description in the pictures. Also I think it could be a great feature to actually use the cursor as a brush, selecting a colour with which to directly change the selected/painted vertex's colour. This could even be extended with adding pressure sensitivity to change brush size/colour opacity? I realize these might not be easily implemented, but I think it would greatly improve the possibilities and elevate Affinity Designer above other illustration apps. Regards, Zsolt
  4. Hi, first of all, this being my first post, let me just say I'm enjoying the program, but have found some issues, which might (hopefully) be fixable. I've been using the rotating canvas feature and it's very nice to have it, but when the canvas is rotated, only the drawing tools like pencil and vector brush work like they should. Trying to select nodes or drawing something using quick shapes is really hard, because these tools are also kind of rotated. It might be a limitation of the core engine and not easily fixable, but I thought I'd let you know. The other issue I have is hopefully easier to fix. I often work on extensive drawings with strokes and curves mixed together. The way it works in Illustrator is that when you select curves (without a stroke) and strokes together and use the 'expand stroke' command, it only affects the strokes and not the curves which have no stroke. In Designer, it creates an empty stroke, which causes problems when uniting, subtracting, dividing curves (curves disappearing etc.) When curves do have a stroke, it works as it should, curves from them are created and can be united well with other curves. I hope I described the problem well, if not just ask. Thanks in advance, Regards, Zsolt