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  1. Well that's highly disappointing. It's all the little things like this that keep me going back to Illustrator for new projects. Every time I give AD a chance, I end up getting annoyed and starting over in Illustrator. I really wanted to like this software, but I give up.
  2. I'm not sure I understand the point of the decimal places setting then. Just so it visually looks cleaner? So I see '0' instead of having to look at the uglier actual number of, say, '0.783564'?
  3. This is going to be tricky to explain - I hope this makes sense. I would expect that if I set the Decimal Places for Unit Types on points, for example, to 0, that my stroke width options would be limited to whole numbers when I use the slider to select a stroke width. What actually happens is that the slider is just displaying the nearest whole number to the actual stroke width. For example, I set my decimal limit to 0 in preferences, I drag the slider for stroke width to 1, and draw a rectangle. I would assume that the stroke of the rectangle is exactly 1 pt. This is NOT the case. If I switch the decimal limit to 6, I see that the actual stroke of my rectangle is something like 1.002345. This can also be clearly seen using the pixel grid. The stroke I thought was exactly 1 pixel is visibly wider than grid lines set to one pixel. I discovered this while trying to make a checkerboard pattern. I couldn't figure out why my rectangles, snapped to the grid, with stroke set to 0, seemed to have gaps. When I changed the decimal places to 6, I discovered the rectangles actually had strokes of 0.000238. So unless you type a whole number instead of using the slider, you can never be certain that your stroke is exactly what you want it to be. Even with 6 decimal places, sliding the slider to 1 could still actually be something like 1.00000039865. This is very problematic for pixel-perfect exports, and negates the entire purpose of the slider bar.
  4. +1 I completely agree! This is by far my biggest hangup with the program, for the exact reasons others have already explained. It negates the time savings/purpose of using shortcuts if you have to stop and think about how it will behave depending on certain circumstances, and then look over to double-check you have the tool you intended.