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  1. As per the other thread on this subject. I’d happily support Linux ports of Serifs applications, even if it’s just Designer and I’d happily pay $100 - $200 per license to do so (assuming the same non subscription model) and I’d pay up front from the moment they announced it.
  2. As an individual, I for one would purchase $1000 worth of Linux licenses and give away the rest as a show of support for a Linux port. Whilst i appreciate that there would be some effort involved i cant imagine it would be a grand canyon sized jump to port from mac os to Linux. Charge us double for a Linux version....I'd still pay....hell...I'd day 1 per-order from the moment it was announced.
  3. I’m not going to bore everyone with the whole “chicken > egg” metaphor...so I will just leave my 2c in the form of a couple of bullet points: If designers had better choices on Linux (affinity, sketch, adobe) , more designers would use Linux. It’s an unknown market to gamble on (Linux) because there is no market to speak of currently, in that designers have no good choices on Linux at the moment…. which begs the question is there an opportunity to be had…I think so…but its not my money / company so my opinion is kind of moot. I will say this though, any opportunity to create a market is surely worth at least looking into (as per a previous post, maybe Kickstarter to gauge interest….it can’t hurt) I personally despise the mac ecosystem and have been waiting a while for non-adobe alternative for my design needs, so I’m grateful for the windows version……having said that I would jump off this ship (windows) to Linux if I had the opportunity. Cheers
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