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    DAM Feature

    Hope they continue with this and get the DAM thing done and out to us. Just tried Luminar 3 with Libraries and can't even get it to install on my iMac. Desperately want a DAM solution that has nothing to do with Adobe, but haven't found anything successful yet. If Affinity were to launch this, I think creatives worldwide would flock to it.
  2. Would like to have a vertical panorama capability where you can stitch images vertically as easily as you currently can horizontally. This would aid in architectural photography and creative art applications. Current panorama tool will not allow this or if it will I don't know how to apply it where the result is anywhere near satisfactory. Currently it warps the images into a distorted mess.
  3. Trying to do a panorama vertically rather than horizontally and the result is a funhouse mirror type warp with bottom frames warping into a blooming image with extreme distortion. I capture the original frames in sequence evenly in hopes of a vertical result as smooth and error free as a horizontal stitch, but so far no luck. I can find no information on this at all on your help tool, so if this isn't possible, consider this a feature request ! Thanks for input/solution from anyone out there that can help. Your tool will not let me send you the .jpg of the 600+MB file, so I will attempt to send you a screenshot. VerticalPanoScreenshot.tiff