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  1. Problem solved: Update to Adjustment tools not working. Hi Thought that people should note that my problem has now been solved and required a complete uninstall on the mac and reinstall of latest version downloaded from the Apple store. I came across the following article "Fail to uninstall Affinity photo on Mac" by Osx Uninstaller, link: https://osxuninstaller.com/uninstall-guides/uninstall-affinity-photo-on-mac/ I followed the manual steps they suggested and must admit I was surprised that doing the finder search on the library showed even parts of the original trial software i downloaded in 2016 with other files for each year since then. Deleting all of these including from the bin and reinstalling the latest version has solved the problem. I can only assume there was some conflict issues left over from previous versions. It may also explain some of the issues other users are experiencing such as crashing etc. Hope this helps Kind Regards Tom
  2. Ok i understand that. On the right it shows the background layer as a pixel layer so tools should work but are not. Thanks for comments. Tom
  3. Hi h_d, My problem is not as you have replied to. I can see the photo persona button on the screen. I was referring to the affinity photo next to the apple logo button in the top bar. Again the adjustment tools are visible they are just not active. How to perform a clean reinstall. Do I need an account reference number or what. I think i need to try this first. Thanks Tom
  4. Hi , none of the adjustment tools in either the develop or photo personas are working. The levels, contrast, exposure are working. I have Affinity Photo version 1.8.6 installed and have recently updated the mac to big sur. If I click on - affinity photo, underneath are the tabs: about, Liquify persona, development persona, export persona, tone mapping persona. Doesn't show Photo persona. So do I need to remove affinity photo and re-install. If so how best to do this. Kind Regards Tom
  5. Hi all, Apologies for suggesting the in painting tool when you had first tried it. Teach me to try and speed read late at night. Cheers Tom
  6. Yes I did thanks...



  7. Late comment, but did you try the inpainting tool? Worth a try. All the best.
  8. Hi All, I was also interested in SRDx plugin as just purchased a scanner to digitise negatives and slides. Any updates on status since November as i (assume everyone is now on Affinity 1.6.7).
  9. Hi James Thanks for that, Shall be working over weekend but shall try this next week. Attached boring photo but would be suitable for what is intended.
  10. Hi We have a Dalmatian dog and want to play a trick on our daughter by editing a photo to remove the black spots and smudges to leave a white looking dog. Can't find a way to do this so that it looks natural leaving the fur texture and a blend matching existing white fur. Any suggestions greatly appreciated. Kind Regards Tom McDonald
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