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  1. What I'd want to know: Will the upcoming 2019 iPad Air be able to handle Affinity Photo? What I want to do: Buy either the 2019 iPad Air or the 2017 iPad Pro 10.5", depending which one can handle photo editing using Affinity Photo. Admittedly I do not have a lot of experience using AP and don't do heavy editing of a lot of photos. But, I want to use the iPad version. What I think: Since the previous version is listed as compatible, I can assume the 2019 Air will be fine. Will it be just fine or struggle? I really don't want to buy the 2017 iPP just for Affinity Photo, but I hear the GPU in that device is better suited for this type of work. Help me.
  2. Nowisee

    Affinity Photo on 2013 MBP

    I messed around with it all day today. Yep, I wasn't productive with anything else. It seems to be functioning fine with the MBP. A few times it showed large blocks in the window while I was changing something, but otherwise ok. So, I just now bought and downloaded it from the App Store. Just delete the trial version from the Application Folder, no uninstall tricks?
  3. Nowisee

    Affinity Photo on 2013 MBP

    Ok, I'll do that. Should have done that last week. Want to pick up while it's on sale, but if it completely blows up my MBP then it would be a waste of time and money. Thanks After I install it and if it works fine and if I buy the retail version from the Apple Store... what is the trick to installing/uninstalling?
  4. I'm considering buying Affinity Photo to use on my late 2013 MBP, 2.4 i5, 8GB RAM, Intel Iris 1536MB. Before I do, is there problems I should be aware of? Should I just hold off until I get a more powerful computer? I currently bought it for my iPad Pro, just waiting the iPad to arrive. The last thing I want is to buy and install this on the MBP and then have one problem after the other and up in here searching for what to do, how to fix it. Thoughts? Anyone using this set up without too much drama?
  5. ...and there's the answer for Five. Now I want to know, if I buy Affinity for Mac today, can I have the DAM free creative content software bundles that was offered back in November? Come on guys
  6. What ever became of this... ???
  7. This last week I have been researching a photo editing application. One option is the Luminar 2018, on sale and has a lot of free bundled features. But, I'm considering buying this Affinity Photo application. During my research and reviewing I came across this from Seriff site. "And to celebrate for the next two weeks we are giving away a huge bundle of creative content free with every purchase!" Does this mean if I pay for and download this tomorrow, I will not get this bundle?