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  1. trafficarte

    Crashes on jp2 files

    Any news about this issue?
  2. trafficarte

    Scopes - live update

    Me too, I'm a colorist and the fact that the scopes are almost useless when trying to match images is completely crazy...
  3. For me also the sluggish response of all the waveform/histogram panel is a real problem. Not to mention the pathetic two sliders control for white balance! I haven't found anything in the forum, but a more detailed color correction system, like the three wheels used on most of the grading software in video would be a great improvement.
  4. I've done all as recommended, but still can't make them appear in Affinity Photo.
  5. trafficarte

    Introduce Yourself

    Hi all, Ugo from Italy. Soundtrack film music composer for living (when paid...) and documentary filmmaker as beginner. I've purchased Affinity Photo to get rid of the Adobe suite and its rental policy. I'm still learning the software, but love its layout and elegance.