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  1. Good Point! It won't be my used book, though, I've just just been browsing through the tutorials/projects and I am amazed at the detail and depth and the care that has gone into this. :)
  2. I agree entirely, but because they deliver it, it is in their system and therefore they "know about it" - and they link their book lists with libraries so that information and cover pictures can be shared, so I think it's just how it works. You disclose to Amazon that a book exists and they log it, in effect.
  3. I think it's just their system, I notice that they never remove obscure old books, either, even though the one copy they had was sold a few years ago, they just keep it there ad infinitum as currently unavailable. :(
  4. It is currently unavailable...! Which explains one strange thing I went to scan my copy into LibraryThings (I was going to say it is my Friday read this week) but it scanned an unrecognisable ISBN - I checked and the sticker over the ISBN on the back of the book was all letters, not numbers. I might still list it as my Friday Read though :D Edit; Job Done :ph34r:
  5. Thanks - I had whizzed past the detail on that page :)
  6. Have to love insomnia, working my way through the Affinity Designer Workbook, picking up little things that I hadn't noticed before and finally understanding the purpose of artboards! I've designed three colourways of the logo for my new imaginary company and I am waiting for my imaginary client to choose one and pay me some imaginary money. Imagine is the key word with this new book, it banishes the 'white page" syndrome and feeds my imagination.
  7. It's traditional in our house that we enjoy birthday cards for a week, they are so pretty it's a shame to do otherwise. I think the book is a birthday present to myself perhaps - it certainly isn't going to be hidden away until Christmas :)
  8. I was very surprised, too; all the delivery men know that the front of our house is the safest place round here to set down, run and deliver and zip off again, so I took no notice until the man walked to the front door! I'm supposed to be helping hubby to build new computer desk, but somehow or other I keep coming here (poorly knee can be a blessing, sometimes), for another flip through the book :D :D :D
  9. https://www.flickr.com/photos/welshhilary/30359106291/in/dateposted-public/ Delivery man turned up in between the freezer man and the Ikea man - a good morning! I do live in the centre of the universe, though, Greater Manchester :)
  10. Flippin 'eck, that was QUICK! My workbook has just arrived and I LIKE it - it is a coffee table book, a very useful coffee table book, and I am going to love dipping into it! Thank you for arranging such quick delivery!
  11. Thanks for the advice, Christmas has come early this year :)
  12. Not strictly triangles, there are a few polygons in there, too; but it was an interesting exercise, a style I've never tried before, and a good way to practice and learn some basic techniques after a long break away from graphics. Nice and easy with Designer (for Windows) and I'm not worried by any minor flaws - life's too short for perfection
  13. Those comments were following on from each other; but when I replied to you, you said that your comment was only in reply to str2 - we had no way of knowing that. So, the conversation is a valid one. Good. As and when and if the Affinity team ever wish to consider a future gallery as a possibility I think that the Affinity team will be capable of making that decision. If you disagreed with the thread suggestion, you could have just said so. But please stop telling me what business decisions Serif should make. Affinity is, or was, of interest to me in connection with future plans for my own business.
  14. Perhaps you should have used the quote facility to avoid misunderstandings. I've been with this forum long enough to know all that. But it's a valid discussion and there is absolutely no reason why we should not have this conversation. The outcome may well be that someone does set up a gallery elsewhere, who knows. But it is a valid topic to discuss. I can also guess Serif's answer - which is that at the moment they are busy delivering the programs - and there is no problem with that, but maybe one day we can have a gallery? Of course, if you are a spokesman for Serif, but I don't get that impression.
  15. That's why I mentioned Flickr, it seems to be the place to be for those who like that kind of thing. Yes, I do know that the Affinity Team have a lot of things to do, though I hope we are not considered on this forum not to be professional users just because we would like an easier way to look at the wonderful work that has been done so far.
  16. Quite a bit is on Flickr as well as here; if you're a member of Flickr you can search for Affinity. I agree a gallery would be nice as there are a number of independent galleries appearing. I'll add my gallery into my signature - there's not much in it, the pages were made when the Mac version first came out.
  17. Now I can work better and see the user interface better! With much ado and photographs of parts of monitors which are difficult to access in my Command Centre (which is Windows and Work), I created a diagram of the various connections and cables and took said chart to Apple and PC World. Between them I got an adapter and cable and I can now SEE what I am doing and I can work in my command centre which is much better. The black Ui was never a problem, I still like it, but where I was working before was not ideal for me. Doing fine work is a lot easier now, I might even refine the crow and sort out its feet.
  18. Thank you for the feedback. Yes, using the eraser was a good exercise but (of course) takes a lot of refining and the crow was standing on some very green grass, fortunately I can go back to him at any time. Similarly with his feet, it will be easier to introduce some extra foliage, I think, to cover them than to work on them. Time is also the biggest issue at the moment :)
  19. Saturday night again, and the semi finals of The Voice was just long enough to have another go at Affinity Photo. Next door's autumn leaves were a bit dull so I duplicated the picture and applied a blend to liven it up. Then I opened another photo of a crow in the park and extracted the crow, considering how far away that was it has come out nicely. Popped the crow onto the fence in front of the autumn leaves, because I could :) Edit, added a smaller file
  20. I don't think so, I think he's keeping an eye on Nasa and similar stuff - he did say he likes it nice and quiet up there, has plenty of visitors from other planets (which was a revelation) and does not want the moon to become a satellite colony for earthmen. I can see his point :D
  21. The logo looks good, nice and sharp too, Interesting to read about Apple Motion - and about the difficulty of letting go of a commission!
  22. Very nice! And congrats on getting an Eggy from Peter! :)
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