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  1. Well when I saw that AD is coming to windows (as a beta at that moment) I was like "Shut up and take my money" and I stayed true to my word.

    Got my copy a min ago :) Wish I knew brush box set would be included tho :/ anyways gl to you with AP now and polishing AD further more.


    Oh and 1 question: I know that AD v.2 is a bit far away but I gotta ask, will there be an update option or will we have to pay for it as if we were new users?

  2. Hey Novak, the 1.5 macOS beta (available to download and try in the Photo beta forum) has a more fleshed-out Apply Image dialog, you can drag-drop layers onto the dialog and also blend channel information using equations, which has no end of uses.


    All this functionality will be available once 1.5 is officially available. I can't remember if the drag-drop option is in the current Windows 1.5 beta - if not, it should be included soon.


    Hope that helps!

    It wasn't available in windows beta that's why I asked. Cool tnx, can't wait for them to come out of beta.

  3. Has anyone of you used any CAD program? I had them in school (Pro/Desktop; Pro/Engineer; SolidWorks...) and I think it would help a lot with logo design the most if there was an option for adding visible dimensions. something like this https://btechecar.files.wordpress.com/2011/11/main-driving-sketch.png

    Also I would like to ask again is there support for 3d mouses like 3dconnexion products? :)

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