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  1. Sorry, I'm not sure to understand - how do I add the Filename to the name of the slice? As in the screenshot, I can't see any variable that allows me to add the current project file name. In the meantime, I'm adding it manually, as in the attached screenshot, but it's quite annoying do it manually for each slice, when you have 10 or more slices.
  2. Hello everyone, I really love Export Persona in Affinity Designer - I work a lot with several image sizes for social networks, so I made up a template with several slices, one for each of my usual "destinations". I've found that I can easily put slice name and sizes in exported image file name, and this helps me a lot when exporting several slices, and it's really great. Do you know if there's a way to put current Affinity Designer file name in the exported image file name? Or, as an alternative, is there a way to set "global" user variables, that I can automatically put in file names when I export slices? thanks in advance, gerlos
  3. Thanks everyone. I did some experiments, and I think that I understand now. What I found: when I check the "live alignment" option in the "new stack" window, Affinity Photo adds a perspective filter to each image. When reviewing alignment, I uncheck all the images but two, and set the blending mode from "Median" to "Range" so i can see the difference of those image. I use an image as a reference, and move the others. Then, for each image, I first use the Move tool to move the image, so the center of the image "disappears", and then double click on the Perspective Filter to change it, dragging the corners until everything disappears (if they are perfectly aligned, the resulting stack in "Range" mode is almost black). Unfortunately, when stacking photos taken with wide angle lenses translations and rotations aren't enough to align images, since lenses could cause several complex distortions. But I found that using the Perspective Filter I can almost always get a perfect alignment of the images. Awesome! regards, gerlos
  4. Hello, I'm using median or average stacks to reduce noise in night and milky way shots, and most of the time they work great. Anyways, sometimes alignment fails, mostly because the sky is moving, while the landscape is not, and I need to manually tweak image alignment. I've tried to enable the "live alignment" option, but didn't understand how to use it to manually realign my shots. Thanks in advance for any help. gerlos
  5. I'm new to Affinity Designer, and to vector graphics in general, so sorry if my question seems stupid. So far I created only graphics for the web, mostly images and illustrations for web sites and social network. Since I needed several versions of the same design, I used a lot the "artboard" feature of Designer to keep all my work together, and set my document unit to pixels. Now I'm asked to design both a banner for the web and a poster that will be printed. So my doubt: how should I set units to keep all my work in the same document? Should I use px or mm? thanks in advance for any suggestion, gerlos
  6. Thanks for the super-quick answer! I did some experiments, and I think that for now I'll workaround it with tools like patch, clone, inpainting and a lot of patience...
  7. From time to time I need to resize images to fit them to website and social network page covers. I mostly work with photos with a main subject and patterns or landscape panorama I want to extend to the left or to the right to fill horizontal space. I've seen a Gimp plugin on Ubuntu Linux called "Liquid rescale" that does exactly this: http://liquidrescale.wikidot.com/en:examples (first example in that page fits my needs) Is there a way to do something similar in Affinity Photo also? I know I can install Gimp on my Mac, but for convenience and speed I'd like to keep as much as possible my workflow in Affinity Photo. Thanks in advance, gerlos
  8. Thanks! That was really easy! There's a way to open a group of images directly as layers of the current image, or I need to open them one at a time and then copy & paste the layer to my "destination" image?
  9. Hello everyone! I'm new to Affinity Photo! I'm playing around, experimenting with some shots I taken for a time lapse video, and I was wondering if there's a way to add photos to a stack after I created it (i.e. not in the "New stack" window). I've found I can right click on single photos on a stack to remove them, but couldn't find a way to add new photos to stacks, any tip? thanks in advance, gerlos
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