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  1. Patrick, I have looked in the menu as you suggested View>Panel, but I seem unable to see this.
  2. Ok thanks Patrick, had deleted original download before I saw your message and redownloaded. All Ok now installed and updated. Panic over. Cheers John.. Update just had a look in the recycle bin and 1st download was 43mb ha ha.
  3. Just downloaded the latest update and I am getting an error message this App cannot run
  4. Its probably in the terms and conditions but I only sped read them and did not notice. When released, can I use I copy of Affinity Publisher on two laptops? Cheers John
  5. Thank you, hopefully in the fullness of time something could be implemented, perhaps somewhere in Preferences/General area.
  6. Just a general question on the suite of Affinity programs. Do/will/does the Affinty suite have the ability to use a common dictionary, or are there 3 separate ones applied for each program? Cheers John
  7. Is one not able to drag and drop an asset into the asset pane or can it be done only by the asset menu "add from selection"
  8. Thats a great reply af-user, its really answered two questions in one for me. They say a picture paints a thousand words and yours does just that. Not only did it show the spacing/padding but also the frame fill and line colour options. Thank you John
  9. Good morning looking to see where the text frame properties can be set...Padding and spacing etc. I like to give a spacing or padding of around 5cm from the text frame edge. I appreciate the beta is totally different from Pageplus which has been my DTP choice for many years, but in that program I could just right click on the text frame and set "frame properties" Cheers John
  10. Sorry have asked elsewhere but cannot find it at the moment. I cannot see how to fill an ellipse with text only to follow the path of the ellipse. Is there a way to fill a shape such as an ellipse with text? In PagePlus I could just convert a shape to a text box. Is this something I am missing in Affinity Publisher or are we limited to just a rectangular text box?
  11. I cannot find anyway to fill an ellipse with text only the ability to follow the shape of the ellipse.
  12. Is there a setting somewhere where I can use the mouse scroll to zoom in on the document rather than the page scrolling? And thank you to Serif for this long awaited part of the suite.
  13. Could somebody please let me know what the ISBN is for the workbook please? Cheers John
  14. Thank you for the speedy reply Patrick. Not sure if has been stated elsewhere and I had missed it.
  15. I notice that a beta release date of late August is being publicised. Which platform is the 1st Beta designed to work on?
  16. Is there any chance of an update from Serif on the likely release date of the Publisher beta? It been quite some time since the sneak preview was published.
  17. Wow. that was a speedy response and a great answer. I had tried this but the icon was greyed out. Have now discovered you have to have an image loaded for this button to be visible. thanks once again John.
  18. I would like to use this macro, however I have downloaded it into a folder named macros, when I try to import (via the AP studio library import )this macro the program does not see it within the folder. Any help on importing this would be helpful. Cheers John
  19. Just installed and tried, very impressed R C-R. Thank you very much for sharing. Cheers John
  20. You probably have to log into your account and download it from there. Just like I had to when my HDD failed. John
  21. Thank you for taking the time and trouble for compiling this list. I for one am very grateful. Cheers John
  22. Good afternoon, I have Serif's Photostack and I have the option to open an image in Photoplus, is there a way that I can add or alter this program to open in Affinity Photo please? cheers John
  23. Manofjesus Thank you so much for so generously sharing these with us. There brilliant. John
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