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  1. It might be good to mention that you cannot import the .afmacro files unless you have an open document. I kept trying and nothing happened but as soon as I opened a new document, the icon turned white and It all worked perfectly.
  2. No problem, Alfred. I do know the difference in the various graphic types and if it was something worth keeping, I would have used the .png format. Using .jpg is just habit. At one time, that, and .gif were about the only formats available. Hard to teach an old dog new tricks sometimes! :) :)
  3. On the PC, the Arrange button is on the toolbar by default when you install. The OK does more than make the panel go away, it accepts what you have aligned. If you do NOT press OK, (or click on one of the objects in the selection box) your objects will revert back to their original positions. That's what we're complaining about. We shouldn't have to click OK. Pressing Enter on the PC version does nothing.
  4. I honestly don't see a difference. I can see both images very clearly and it's like 3k difference. I didn't look at how it was being saved, just wanted to get it saved. :)
  5. I am attaching an image showing what we have on the PC Version.
  6. Maybe we need to clarify a few things. There are three different ways to access the alignment tools in Windows. First is from the Menu bar (Layer\Alignment). Second is a right-click on the selected objects Third, click the mis-named Arrange icon on the toolbar Using either of the first two methods, you do not have to click "OK" because you have only ONE option and that is the one you selected. When using the Arrange icon, you have multiple choices and can change them several times over until you like what you have, then hit the "OK" button. Teejay has discovered you can also
  7. That's very possible. the Mac version has been out for well over a year before the PC version. They are supposed to be identical but I think there are some things that simply aren't! When using the alignment tools from the pop-up menu (via right click), you don't have to click anything... it's automatic but when doing the same thing via the "arrange" on the menu, you DO have to click "Done" or the changes will not stick.
  8. My Operating system is Windows 10 and my latest version of AD is 1/5/2/58. I recognize the names of others who have posted about this and I am pretty sure we are using the same version. This was a topic of discussion on my forum which encouraged me to post about it here.
  9. I just went back and tried what you said but it does not work. Try it yourself. Draw 3 circles and arrange them at different heights. Then, align them at the top and instead of clicking "Done", click elsewhere on the workspace. The 3 circles will revert to their original position. If you do NOT click Done, the effect does not "stick". That's what we're all complaining about. You can spend a bit of time playing around with your alignment, then when you get it perfect and forget to click "done", you have to start over again. I should think it would work the same way as the Effects. W
  10. Several of us were discussing the fact that you have to click a button to accept the changes when using the Alignment panel in Affinity Designer. This is sooooo annoying! Why is that button there? Most times, I forget to click it because just about everything else is automatically applied. For example, if I apply any of the effects, I don't have to click a button to apply them. If I select a style, I don't have to click a button to apply it. Right off, I can't think of anywhere that I have to click a button to apply something other than this darn alignment panel. Any chance you could
  11. Thanks for checking it out, Chris! It was driving me crazy trying to figure out why my little circles weren't transparent when I save them because I could see they were that way in the image when open in Affinity Designer. Hope we get an explanation. :)
  12. I made an image from a tutorial that had some white circles, then in the Layers panel, Soft Light was applied to these circles. When I exported the image, much to my surprise, the Soft Light did not show. So, I experimented and exported my image as a .png using each of the available options - Whole Document, Selection With Background, and Selection without background. When exporting with Whole Document and Selection With Background, the image came out with the circles showing the Soft Light as they should but when exporting as Selection without Background, the circles were completely
  13. I would like to see the dropdown menus in the panels sorted and left aligned. For example, the Styles menu. It's so hard to read and you have to search for everything. Just having it left aligned instead of centered would help, but having it sorted alphabetically would help even more. I'm attaching an example of what I mean.
  14. Having a choice is always good - my problem was in realizing that it was a choice. Now I know! All is good!
  15. I could see that in the Layers panel. What confused me is why would a program have 3 different tools that do the exact same thing? This made me think there had to be some sort of difference in the end result. It's so EASY to use Paste Inside whereas dragging things down in the layers panel to "nest" them is much more complicated for a beginner and so is the Insert Inside Selection. You've answered my question... and now that I know they all do the same thing, I can stop stressing over it! :) I'll stick with the Paste Inside. That makes more sense to me. Thanks a bunch for your help!
  16. I understand that it is clipped, but how does this differ from Paste Inside? It gets complicated with clipping, paste inside, insert inside. Do they all do the same thing?
  17. Oh dear.... another brain leak!!! Will try again. This is a little different than my forum in that once you select a file, you don't have to attach it separately. It's there now.
  18. I have attached an image showing what I did. How is this different than the Paste inside under the Edit menu?
  19. Thanks, MEB. I followed your instructions and did fine with drawing a shape, pressed Insert Inside Selection, then drew another shape half-way over the first shape and it worked perfectly. Tried it again using the Pen tool... again, was successful. However, I can't seem to get the paste work. I copied a shape first, then drew a second shape. Activated the Insert Inside Selection, then pasted but what happens is, it pastes over the original shape instead of inside the shape. What did I do wrong?
  20. The help files aren't very helpful. They don't show you HOW to do something, they just tell you that you can. So, my question is, HOW do you use the Insert Target tools? I know how to Paste inside but not understanding how to use these tools. Can anyone help?
  21. I would like to see the drop-down menu in the Styles tab sorted by name and left aligned. It's pretty messy looking the way it is now. See my example below. The Assets panel drop-down is left aligned but not sorted alphabetically. It should be.
  22. Alfred, there IS a difference. Follow these steps exactly.. 1 Open Designer, then open two images. 2. The Move tool is automatically selected on the active image 3. Right-click and select Copy to copy the whole image. 4. Click the second image to make it active. 5. The Move tool is still active - right-click and paste the copied image. If you click back and forth from one image to the other, the Move tool stays active no matter how many times you switch back and forth. 1. Open Photo, then open two images. 2. The View tool is active so you have to switch to the Move tool
  23. No apology needed. I just didn't want the thread to change from the original post. I really find this a problem and there are others on my forum who have also complained about it which is why I posted. It only makes sense that if I copy something, doesn't matter what it is, that I'm most likely going to paste it. Therefore, the Paste option should be available on the right-click menu just as the copy was. In AP, it is not. The instant you click on another photo, the tool changes from the one with the right-click menu (the move tool) to the View tool which has no right-click menu. If I sele
  24. This isn't about AP placing images as an object, it's about the tools changing when attempting to paste. The move tool is active when you make a copy but when you want to paste the copy on another image, the tool switches back to the View tool. I am happy that it does paste as an object, that's how it should be. The problem is in the tools. It works great in Affinity Designer, but not in Photo.
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