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  1. @bbrother Serif/Affinity staff have made a point of never revealing details of their long-term plans for the future development of any of their apps until they feel ready to do so because the "new feature/updated feature" is ready for release. However, in terms of "free updates" I think we users can take considerable comfort from the fact that version 1 "lasted" for more than 5 or 6 years (at least) and all updates were always free.
  2. Interesting! Slightly OT but I have experienced exactly this problem, but with the standalone Topaz Video AI. Several updates to the previous version (3) failed to install properly for me and Topaz Labs support could offer no reason why; downloading and running the full installer of the updated app resolved the problem. I'm currently running the new version 4 and see that 2 updates are available. I wonder whether they will install properly?? Watch this space! Seriously, I wonder whether the fact of @jordaan's experience, along with mine, suggest there may be a problem with the Topaz updaters? Did they install properly? No, so now to download the full installer of the latest version.
  3. @Malcolm Tinn I have just tried exactly what @R C-R suggests and your file opens for me in APh 2 without a problem.
  4. @sdan Welcome to the Affinity forums. I notice you mention the M$ Store, so what I write below may NOT be applicable to you, sorry. But... IMO, by far the "easiest" method of achieving what you quite reasonably want to do is to NOT use the .MSIX installers but rather the alternative .EXE installers! Both are available from within your Affinity account. You will need to uninstall the MSIX versions, perhaps taking care to save and back up any customisations, assets etc., that you currently have and then install the .EXE versions. Then you will have full access to the program files and not be hindered by Windows sandboxing. However, I'm not sure whether the M$ Store version actually allows you to have an "Affinity account", from which the .EXE installers can be downloaded. If you do not have such an account I can recommend an app which allows the user to access the Windows Sandbox and its contents, TakeOwnershipEX. Always use an app like this with caution but I have used it to successfully change access permissions for otherwise-locked programs, including some in the WindowsApps folder! And these changes are reversible! HTH Jeff
  5. @eddietheone I downloaded your file, opened it in APh 2, version 2.1.1 and this is what I saw in the Develop Persona: So, this seems to be a problem specific to your computer, sorry! Jeff
  6. Which version of APh? I downloaded a sample from here and had no problem opening it in APh 2.
  7. @JavierBecana Unfortunately, I don't think that mp4 file has attached to your post.
  8. Yes, I am running the MSI versions, but the OP was asking about Affinity version 1. Surely, version 2 install type should not affect version 1, should it?
  9. They all appear for me in both locations, Control Panel>Programs and Features, and Settings>Apps & features!
  10. @Bangzhu Speaking entirely for myself I completely fail to understand why you cannot access your AppStore account and so redownload the software you have already purchased! Re-reading this thread, it seems you have some sort of "disagreement" with Apple's Terms and Conditions and that it is this disagreement that is causing you to not be able to access your software. Is that correct? If it is, as has been made quite clear to you, there is nothing anyone who posts here, not even Serif staff, can do to directly help you, sorry.
  11. @Bangzhu Just to add one important detail to what @MikeTO has written: In order to access your version 1 software in the Mac App Store you must ensure you log in there using the identical username to the one you used when you originally purchased the apps. Purchases of, and any subsequent redownloads of apps are forever linked to the account used to make the purchase.
  12. @mayng Welcome to the website for Serif Affinity products, unfortunately not for the legacy range of Serif products which includes WebPlus and for which support is no longer provided by Serif, sorry. Please go to this site and register there to receive help from other users of the legacy software. HTH
  13. @Dinagirl Welcome to the Affinity forums. I'm going to assume you are on Windows! 😇 If you have a Mac, hopefully a Mac user will see your post and respond to your question! First, to be able to install APh2 anywhere other than your C:\ drive you must ensure you download the .exe version of the installer, not the .msix version. Second, yes you can, at least theoretically, install the app to an external hard drive but, in order for the app to be available whenever you want to use it, you would need to ensure that the drive is always connected to your laptop and is never allowed to "go to sleep" or be disconnected (by Windows) if it is a USB drive On my computer I have very few programs installed on C:\ (by personal choice). Most, including ALL my Affinity apps, both versions 1 and 2 are are on my D:\ drive but it is an internal hard drive, not external. However, there are a number of Affinity files that are, by default, installed to your C:\ drive, even if the main program is on another drive. Personally I would NOT attempt to move them anywhere else, though I am sure it is possible to do so! HTH
  14. Actually, version 1 was released several years ago, with ALL updates to that version being free to all users. Version 2 is exactly the same in that regard (there has already been at least one update released to all the version 2 apps and a number of betas). Why do you think that version 3 will be released as a yearly update?
  15. Like @NathanC I too run the Game Drivers and GeForce Experience, without seeing these icons or seeming to suffer any obvious problems! And I do a lot of video editing! I use the Game Drivers because they are what the manufacturer of my video editing software actually recommend, rather than the Studio Drivers! I strongly suspect you are correct in thinking you cannot install BOTH versions of the NVidia drivers, even under different accounts. My understanding is that elements like (graphics) drivers are installed as "core" components of a Windows system and thus are not associated with any one user account.
  16. @chrisell I can't help you with the alpha channel problems, sorry, but to "save" any image file to any format other than .aphoto you must Export it, (File>Export) or use the Export Persona. HTH
  17. I think it is version 2 that is optimised for M1/M2, IIRC.
  18. @salto But did you try @Dan C's suggestion of installing the .msi (EXE) version of APh? So, NOT the .MSIX version. (If installing the .EXE version works for you - personally I prefer it to the .MSIX version - you can then uninstall the .MSIX version without affecting any assets, plugins etc. you might have already added to APh 2. This is what I did.) And, to underline @walt.farrell's comment: I have all the version 1 and version 2 apps happily co-existing on my PC.
  19. These instructions apply to the installation on your old computer. I no longer have Webplus installed but Help is a menu item towards the top left corner of the main workscreen. Click on it and a dropdown menu opens which includes "Registration Wizard". HTH
  20. Please read this thread which includes a reply from a Serif staff member, explaining why your Discover card cannot be used.
  21. Thank you for the additional information. Using an .msix installer, the Affinity apps install to the WindowsApps folder on C:\, so not in any Program Files folder and, by default, "hidden". Dehaze is available under the Filter menu, though actually called Remove Haze. In my experience, it actually works well. I run several Topaz plugins in APh 2 (and 1) though I don't have Photo AI. They appear, again in the Filters menu, under Plugins. The addition of a "cataloguing" feature is a frequently-requested item in these forums. Serif have said they hope to add such a facility eventually. Hopefully, other users more experienced than I will see you post and respond in more detail about your other "frustrations"! HTH
  22. @LouLou22 Welcome to the Affinity forum. Which store did you use for your purchase, Microsoft, Apple (Mac or iPad) or Serif? For either of the first two you will need to apply for a refund from that store. For purchases direct from Serif I believe the process is to email AffinityReturns@serif.com and request a refund on your purchase of Photo. Then go to whichever store you want to use and purchase Designer.
  23. Welcome to the Affinity forums. Because the initial releases of version 2 of all the Affinity apps was as .msix installers you need to go to Settings>Apps>Apps & Features. What has made you "frustrated" with APh 2?
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