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  1. Hello, Designer is practically perfect for the kind of jobs I do. However, I would like to suggest adding a "save print profile with document" option for Designer. This would be very time-saving and avoid slip-ups when printing documents/projects like business cards, envelopes, etc. directly from Designer. It would avoid having to click into the printer driver UI every time the document is to be printed, perhaps only to find the profile missing for one reason or another. Cheers, Dave
  2. Hi All, First off, thanks, Affinity Team, for the 1.7 updates of Designer and Photo! The problem (see Publisher Beta install problem forum): both Designer and Photo fail to install correctly on Win 10, although after a Windows reboot for each of the two applications they install correctly. Affinity Team, I am surprised that you format installation file names "affinity-designer-" for use within a Windows environment, the period character usually being reserved to separate the file name from the extension. Using it can create problems, for example in some backup applications.
  3. Hello William, A possible workaround: Sounds like you might have some server space somewhere. So you can upload the font to a directory on your server and linke to it in the pdf document. The reader can then Ctrl+click on the link to download the (font) file. Dave
  4. Hi All, It would be very handy to be able to set default paths in Preferences for opening and saving files; compare with MS-Office Word, for example. It would make working with the programs quite a bit slicker for those who have a complex data structure. Cheers, Dave
  5. Hello, Regardless of how closely we look, we always miss something. Here's a possible correction in the UI for the next patch or version, step by step Open raw photo "sonyphoto.arw" Adjust & develop it Save as (rather than just save) "sonyphoto-corrected.arw" This is what you get The "as" doesn't make much sense without the new file name; the "Export item" format would maybe work, but... The "Export item" or "Save document" messages are written from the programmer's point of view; but the programmer doesn't need the message. If you programmers are writing to the user, you would have to have "Saving document", "Exporting item", etc. to make it correct, standard English and maybe make the user think (s)he's being written to...
  6. I would like to the ability to save directly to .ico and .svg as well as to open them. And if it comes to that, saving to .ai would be nice, too.
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