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  1. Oooo - I see that "coverage map" has "save profile". That's great. I'm also not seeing any change at all with text using the gamma slider - just the coverage map changes the text anti-aliasing effect.
  2. What is the equivalent to text antialiasing : none using the blend options? I want to get pixel fonts to display exactly as they were designed and I'm having trouble using the coverage map to accomplish this. Love the fine grained detail you can get with these blend options, but they are too time consuming to play with for most applications. Would love to see presets added to this features with some basic sharp/strong/smooth/none options for starters and ability to save your own too. Thanks!
  3. Yeah, I'm looking for this too - trying to do exactly what JimmyJack describes. I ended up doing: ⌘-click on the layer to select ⌘-shift-N to make a new layer shift-F5 to fill Not ideal but gets the job done. Transparency lock is the first Photoshop feature I've found that seems really missing in Affinity without a different/better way to do it... maybe there's a better way to do it that we're all missing?
  4. Looking for this too.

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