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    phil_s reacted to kimtorch in Scripting   
    Are there any plans to add scripting support?
    I notice there is no Applescript library at all but am interested to know if there are plans to add Applescript or perhaps Javascript support. Virtually everything we do as far as creating PDFs, packaging, placing images and text, formatting, proofing, sending pages to print etc is done via script.
    Tagged text goes hand-in-hand with scripting so I think this needs to also be supported.
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    phil_s reacted to jjk in Scripting   
    To the Affinity range !! Good news : so AP, AD and APub will support scripting. I'm hurry to see that.
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    phil_s reacted to tmmls in Scripting   
    Please add scripting support. Applescript would be nice but Javascript is even better because it can be used on both platforms. Please consider implementing the Ecmascript 2018 specs...  
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    phil_s reacted to Patrick Connor in Scripting   
    Welcome to the Serif Affinity forums
    There are plans to add scripting to the Affinity range, but few details have been released yet.
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    phil_s reacted to R C-R in Including AppleScript Functionality in Apps   
    +1 for Applescript (& Automator) support!
    Python & other scripting language support would be nice, but Applescript has the advantage of allowing numerous applications to work together through the inter-application communication framework built into OS X.