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  1. I step up and do the work. Huzzah. affinityDesignerIcon-lightGray.icns affinityDesignerIcon-dark.icns
  2. Would be cool to have dark mode icons for the programs themselves. If only there was a program that would let me do that....hmmm....
  3. Hey-o: Just want to suggest that the new template features of the New Document GUI be secondary to a simpler version. It's great to have all these templates, but they shouldn't be featured over the simpler version. There should be the original, simple New Document GUI with a Templates disclosure triangle for example. Right now, creating a new document is overwhelming. Thanks, John
  4. Hi there, I'm having some awful issues with the 1.4.1 release: Click to open Affinity and the splash logo just hangs there indefinitely; never starts the program. I quit the program, relaunch it again and it starts. (It behaves this way if I click the Affinity icon directly or if I try to launch Affinity by clicking on a project file). When it's open, all the studio panels are missing. I click "View>Studio>Reset Studio" and it brings back the missing windows, BUT... The layers never show up in the layers tab of vector persona. I see the layers tab, but no layers. I try to add layers and nothing shows up in the layers tab. I open a project and the content of the layers is present on the canvas, but still blank in the layers tab. So...I'm curious if I can roll back to the previous release somehow? I'm in the middle of a long-term project and this is ah...ahh...yikes. CPU Specs: iMac 27-inch, Mid 2010 2.93GHz Intel Core i7 16GB DDR3 RAM ATI Radeon HD 5750 1024MB OSX El Capitan 10.11.3 Thanks,
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