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  1. I love AD, but one thing that has been driving me a bit crazy is the lack of a convenient shortcut for ending the text edit mode. The default in AD is 'Esc', but in Adobe Suite, Apple, and other native apps, the standard shortcut is 'Cmd+Enter' to end the edit state. In AD, this defaults to outlining the text, making it un-editable in the future. This inconsistency is very difficult for me because I use AD alongside other apps constantly. I personally find the 'Esc' key hard to reach and not very intuitive, so I found a workaround to get Cmd+Enter to work again. If you're like me, this will speed up your workflow. 1) Open up Apple System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts 2) Click on App Shortcuts and add a new one 3) Unfortunately, the 'Deselect' ability in AD appears broken as of 1.4.1 (I've never seen it actually work -- am I alone?), but 'Select Next' works. You can bind 'Select Next' to 'Cmd+Enter' and then gain the ability to click out of your text box. I hope this helps someone! Of course, this would improve drastically if 'Deselect' functions in the future, because that eliminates another step. Cheers
  2. I would really appreciate the ability to quickly end the text editing state without converting to curves. The deselect function (Cmd+d) doesn't work for me when editing text (is this a bug?), and the only way I know how to end it without 'converting to curves' is by pressing 'esc'. In most OS X applications, 'Cmd+Return' ends the text edit state and returns to the select tool. Aside from having many years of muscle memory with this shortcut in Adobe apps, many other apps continue to use it, including Final Cut Pro, Sketch, Motion, etc etc. So switching between AD and other common apps is painful with text IMO. I think even allowing a Keyboard Shortcut preference for this would be great. Thoughts?
  3. Thanks -- is there any way we could control the behavior here, perhaps in the Keyboard Shortcuts section of preferences?
  4. I find the 'esc' button far less intuitive and it's also non-standard -- most OS X apps like Final Cut, as well as adobe suite use Cmd+Return to close it out. I would really love a way to control this behavior in the keyboard shortcuts preferences. I rarely use Cmd+Return to convert text to curves, so I would rather have that be used to exit the tool.
  5. Yeah that just starts a new text box for me, and I end up needing to press 'esc' anyway.
  6. Me too, but the problem is that it converts it to curves, so the text is no longer editable...
  7. Hi all, I've been using Affinity Designer for many weeks now, and I really am having a hard time enjoying the text tool when it requires me to press 'esc' to end it. It really slows things down, and coming from years of muscle memory w/ Adobe products pressing 'Cmd+Enter', it has been painful accidentally converting text into curves. Does anyone have a solution to this? Is there some sort of keyboard shortcut I'm not informed about, or a hack for this? Zach