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  1. I just found this thread as I'm dealing with exactly the same problem. Even with all provided solutions I'm still struggling to figure this out. Very frustrating.
  2. I just tested this in AI and PS and yes it's happening on splitting an object, but not with the stroke. Anyone knows whether this is going to be addressed in the future release?
  3. I just spent 10 minutes googling this cmd+enter "issue" and I'm glad it's confusing others too...
  4. I'm little confused by the snapping functionality. When I create new document based on "iPhone 6 Plus (Retina)" and enable "Snapping" and "Force pixels alignment" I shouldn't be able to draw a rectangle like shown on the attached file. As you can see the "Transform" tab shows all misaligned "pt" units. "Pixel view mode" shows edges that are not aligned to pixels... The only way to make this work is to select "Pixels" instead of "Points" as document units in the new document dialog. Is this the right thing to do? I mean I would expect the "Force pixels alignment" to work regardless of the document units but it could well be that I'm misunderstanding something :( EDIT: I just realised that it's probably to do with iPhone 6 Plus upscaling and confusing pixel/point translation...
  5. Thanks for the responses, you're all quite helpful! All suggestions are easy workarounds which is great yet I'm somewhat disappointed that the stroke (over fill) functionality is unusable for UI design. R C-R, are you suggesting that I should perhaps try to log a bug report?
  6. Thanks MEB! This is bit a bummer as most of my work has some form of curves and stroked in it. Ah well.
  7. G’day, I have a simple question about the fill and stroke. Sample document is attached. Long story short, when I stroke a circle on the inside of the path I can see the fill poking out from the edges. My problem is that I need to create an icon that fits 180px precisely and I’m creating a circle path that is of this exact dimensions (180px diameter) What would be your recommended solution to this problem? I can stroke the path in the middle or on the outside but then I would have to compensate for the stroke width and path diameter to fit exactly 180px. Is there any other way to solve this task? A document where I tried this is attached and it also includes exported assets clearly showing the fill pixels outside the stroke. /k Icon.afdesign
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