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  1. Clicking elsewhere to finish editing without creating a new text field would be a good addition. But Cmd+Return is definitely system wide to finish something. (Even sending a text instead of a new line in messaging apps) This is not just an Adobe thing. Look at Keynote. Edit a text field and hit Cmd+Return. Editing is finished. It's even kookier because Cmd+Return does finish editing. It just also converts to curves which you don't notice until you come back and try and edit that text. The ability to convert to curves seems like a useful feature. But so infrequently used. Why not Cmd+Return to finish editing and Cmd+Shift+Return for finish editing and convert to curves? I routinely need to make adjustments to kerning and other paragraph settings immediately after typing out the text. Given the lack of a clear way to finish editing, it's very cumbersome to do that with the text tool currently. Esc is not always clear that I've jumped out of edit mode. Especially if I hit Cmd+A to select all and make changes to character or paragraph. The principal of least surprise would be nice here.

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