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  1. Oh for s sake… no kidding! Thanks! I would NEVER have suspected it OUTSIDE of the object boundaries. It would actually make FAR more sense to simply put it on a modification key! Scale without anything, SKEW with e.g. OPTION or even COMMAND or whatever. Cheers.
  2. YIKES! More like the 70's, no?? My eyes are bleeding. And it would appear not to have been updated since then either. Doesn't even run on Mojave. Yay… what a great recommendation. I've watched that video OVER AND OVER now and can't for the life of me figure out how you're getting the UP/DOWN arrow when on the RIGHT edge of the selected object! No matter what I do, all I ever get is a LEFT/RIGHT arrow for SCALING! This is SO frustrating. Fighting to get something so BASIC done! What am I missing??! How do I move (skew) the right edge of a selected object UP AND DOWN??
  3. You could of course just chime in to THIS thread instead…
  4. Well, it's not like there aren't ways of protecting the app from that. Look at Workflow Extensions in Final Cut Pro X for example. There's no way (as opposed to e.g. Premiere Pro and their extensions mess) that a Workflow Extension can crash FCP, because they did it in an intelligent way. So if an extension fails, it's clearly the extension's i.e. the developer's fault. But I also don't see scripts being a stability issue either way. The worst that could happen is you get worthless output.
  5. Not if you're talking about ONLY FORMS/VECTORS.
  6. Not exactly, in fact far from it, but, yeah.
  7. Yeah, thank god. The one option/workaround you never even thought of until he mentioned it, hm?
  8. Well, treating others like moron noobies isn't exactly helpful. As if not everyone and their mother didn't already know that a RASTERIZED image is an option. That being the reason for THIS THREAD, because THAT IS NOT ENOUGH. Which part are you not getting? Never mind that some PSD is never going to give me anywhere near the flexibility and quality that a LAYER VECTOR GRAPHIC will, and that at just a FRACTION of the size!
  9. You're clearly not getting it. Why do you suppose I and others are asking for this?? Hmmmm... maybe because we ALREADY KNOW of the alternatives and they're not sufficient?? I've been in this business for 25+ years and know WHY I'm asking for something and why I need it. As I'm sure everyone else here does, too, thanks. Give it a rest.
  10. If anyone thought that that (which I'm sure we're ALL very familiar with, yes) was some sort of solution or alternative, THEY WOULDN'T BE HERE.
  11. It's old, yes. But nope, STILL no support. Not sure why not, since it's not anywhere near as difficult as MANY other things that have come around since.
  12. Right. Because since they have not even implemented support for a common TWENTY year old file format (AI), they'll just start with an uncommon TWO year old one first. Makes total sense. <_<
  13. Hate to disappoint you there, but I just tried the same file with Pixelmator… without issue. But yes, with other files it has similar problems, so I'd say that half true at best. And yes, I'm sure that it's not easy and even more sure that Adobe of all people are far from interested in helping. They're just interested in keeping your work for ran$om. Unfortunately that deplorable and (otherwise) unacceptable approach seems to have worked it's magic, since, as I've said, an issue like this makes Photo — at least for THIS — a complete no-go. And honestly makes me quite nervous with other things as well! I deal with getting things such as lower thirds from clients as templates that need to be edited for context on a daily basis. Clearly not something I can hope to do with Photo at this point. @MEB The leading in the original file was not changed the least bit i.e. is and was the exact same as the first. Cheers.
  14. Which is ironic, since that's exactly the setting I have, but still the second text in the example file came in rasterized. That was my point. Well, I certainly hope you get the whole thing straightened out soon!
  15. Seriously? <_< Well, I just uploaded a random "TEXT.psd" for the hell of it, but do you guys not have Illustrator? Because all you need to do is make any random Illustrator file containing text and save it as a PSD and you can have all the test-files you want! Because this is not some sort of exception, it's the rule. Interestingly, in this particular file, for the first time, at least one of two lines of text make it over, but… only because it was rasterized! What the &%??… why would this happen?? That defeats any and all purpose of exchanging files with editable text (which it is and stays in Photoshop)! Like I said, more than unfortunate and plain disappointing. Until this is resolved there is no way that I can use Photo, nor recommend it to anyone. Especially since you've known about this for at least 10 months. And text should most definitely not be rasterized before it's exported. Again, as in Photoshop. At least not if you expect to lure even the most basic Photoshop user to Photo.