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  1. You can't help continuing with your clueless nonsense, can you?? With the ILLUSTRATOR script you can bring any and all vectors into Motion as shapes! Unless you want to share how you're getting any vectors into Motion otherwise?? Oh right… you can't! So what are you going on about? Yes… PLEASE DO! Holy sh… could you please just STFU?? This is NOT a shortcoming of Motion! Motion files (and with it shapes) are simple HTML! So if Affinity doesn't OUTPUT the file needed then there's zero that Motion i.e. Apple can do! WTF are you blathering about?? The script works just fine to this day. Do yourself a favor and just don't answer anymore to avoid making an even BIGGER fool of yourself. Thanks!
  2. At least learning the absolute BASICS of Motion FIRST, especially before complaining for no reason, is recommendable, yes.
  3. Those are VECTORS (if you're lucky) not SHAPES. Two completely different things with entirely different use-cases and options! It has nothing to do with "convenience".
  4. Yes! This is AN ABSOLUTE MUST! I'm painfully disappointed that this isn't in the app, where e.g. Lightroom for iPad has it. Any word on WHEN this will be added? No roadmap or anything?? Because before it is, this is absolutely useless to me and I'm back to having to rent my software. DM
  5. Oh for s sake… no kidding! Thanks! I would NEVER have suspected it OUTSIDE of the object boundaries. It would actually make FAR more sense to simply put it on a modification key! Scale without anything, SKEW with e.g. OPTION or even COMMAND or whatever. Cheers.
  6. YIKES! More like the 70's, no?? My eyes are bleeding. And it would appear not to have been updated since then either. Doesn't even run on Mojave. Yay… what a great recommendation. I've watched that video OVER AND OVER now and can't for the life of me figure out how you're getting the UP/DOWN arrow when on the RIGHT edge of the selected object! No matter what I do, all I ever get is a LEFT/RIGHT arrow for SCALING! This is SO frustrating. Fighting to get something so BASIC done! What am I missing??! How do I move (skew) the right edge of a selected object UP AND DOWN??
  7. Well, it's not like there aren't ways of protecting the app from that. Look at Workflow Extensions in Final Cut Pro X for example. There's no way (as opposed to e.g. Premiere Pro and their extensions mess) that a Workflow Extension can crash FCP, because they did it in an intelligent way. So if an extension fails, it's clearly the extension's i.e. the developer's fault. But I also don't see scripts being a stability issue either way. The worst that could happen is you get worthless output.
  8. Yeah, thank god. The one option/workaround you never even thought of until he mentioned it, hm?
  9. Well, treating others like moron noobies isn't exactly helpful. As if not everyone and their mother didn't already know that a RASTERIZED image is an option. That being the reason for THIS THREAD, because THAT IS NOT ENOUGH. Which part are you not getting? Never mind that some PSD is never going to give me anywhere near the flexibility and quality that a LAYER VECTOR GRAPHIC will, and that at just a FRACTION of the size!
  10. You're clearly not getting it. Why do you suppose I and others are asking for this?? Hmmmm... maybe because we ALREADY KNOW of the alternatives and they're not sufficient?? I've been in this business for 25+ years and know WHY I'm asking for something and why I need it. As I'm sure everyone else here does, too, thanks. Give it a rest.
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