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  1. Click inside the wheel and then you can drag left/right or up/down. Unfortunately you can’t drag down very far, so this isn’t a very good option. However, if there are a number of options available for the tool and the adjustment wheel is off-center, you are unable to drag even half way across the screen, only allowing for moderate adjustments before having to enter numbers manually or dragging again and again. I think a better option here would be to click the wheel, activating the adjustment, brining up the numeric keypad, then you should be able to drag from anywhere on the screen, until clicking the adjustement wheel again, shutting off the adjustment on that wheel. This would allow you to drag completely across the screen, instead of only a possible maximum of 50%.
  2. I have done this, made my mask layer, attached it to the image and yet it has not modified it in any way. I turn the layer visability off and on and the mask is completely ineffectual; like it didn’t even exist. What am I missing here? I even closed the app and reopened it, as I find you have to do that frequently. Still, nothing. I guess once a Photoshop users, always a Photoshop user. This app seems to come from a different planet in the way you do things and there seems to be a ton of needless steps. I just can’t seem to wrap my head around it. I have submitted a copy of my layer mask. For some reason, it has the crop icon attached. I have no idea what this means.