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  1. I was looking for the transform inspector it is not visible and I could not find it until I selected the styles inspector. on selecting the styles inspector what appeared was the regular coloured cog styles and visible underneath them was the transform inspector and the zoom inspector both incapacitated using iMac with latest versions I have restarted Affinity and reset the View > studio settings seems to have fixed the problem
  2. Mouse clicking any object does not select object or text the only way I can select is to click the object on the layer window or use a marque to select Solved ,,,,realised it was because I locked the art board..
  3. all thats needed is a node tool the allows the handles on one side of the node to be disconnected from the handle on the other side, plus a button that coverts the selected section between two nodes to a straight line
  4. If have created a complex shape and want slice it with straight lines, how can it be done. In other programs I would add a couple of nodes for the slice and transform the slice line to a straight line with a straight line button. Too easy In Affinity Designer I have tried adding nodes but there seems to be no way to maintain the curve on one side of the node and straighten the line of the other. The handles on both sides always change, distorting the part I want to keep. the only way I have done it is by breaking the line and deleting the section for the straight line, must be a better way?
  5. this is a year later, I feel the same way about the opacity of grids not being adjustable, so has it gotten any closer to being implemented.
  6. donuts have hole in the middle.. I want to know how to group independent closed vectors so that the fill can have see through islands. like the vector combine command in Corel draw.
  7. If I draw a shape within a shape can I combine the 2 shapes so that the internal shape doesn't fill eg a circle within a circle so the fill looks like a donut
  8. I just downloaded Affinity Designer recently so I am new here. One thing I want to do is create text perspectives such as keeping the text vertical while the text diminishes on a curving line into the distance. Another one is adding text to 3D obects such as a sphere. Are the necessary tools to this in Designer? What would be the best approach?
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