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  1. Hi, Affinity. The Designer app for iPad seems to not allow decimal precision for sliders in the Color Studio. Is this a setting that I need to change, or does it not exist as a feature at this point?
  2. I am also unable to snap to intersections of lines ... ? Huh?
  3. Hello - I'm wondering if creating a solo point is possible. Thus far, I haven't figured out a solution. If this isn't yet a feature, it would be nice to have (for things like typography and playing in the Cartesian plane). Drew
  4. I am guessing that this is something else that hasn't yet been implemented; but I'm wondering: is there a way to change the colour or opacity of the grid? It's not easy to distinguish where the lines are on a light background, and I've only so far had luck with easily distinguishing the grid lines on a dark background. It would be REALLy helpful to be able to change the colour and opacity of grid lines in this app! -_-
  5. thank you so much for your response and for the welcoming! ^_^
  6. I am wondering if Guides can be locked and unlocked in Affinity Designer (as can be done with Illustrator). So far, I have not found any way to do this. ... help?