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    PaulB got a reaction from Don - NZ in Import Photoshop Presets (and Illustrator Presets)   
    I would also like to see an import option for styles and custom shapes since I have a lot of them.   
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    PaulB reacted to Mark Ingram in Sneak peeks for 1.7   
    1. You're assuming that we work the same way that you work. You're also assuming that your way is best.
    2. You seem to be the odd one out here. 
    3. Designer is a vector drawing and illustration application - not a technical drawing application. I'm sorry that it doesn't have the features that you require, so you should probably look into getting a refund and / or using a different piece of software for your needs.
    I've spent enough time trying to point out that we're trying to help here, but as you're just ranting about our methods, and not bringing anything constructive to the discussion, I'll be switching back to helping other customers on the forum.
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    PaulB reacted to Ben in Sneak peeks for 1.7   
    Right.  I started this thread to showcase features that are coming in 1.7.  This was no way an exhaustive list of everything that will go in, and I have said there is time to add more, so I fail to understand why us showing new (hopefully helpful) stuff has come across as the complete opposite.
    It is a shame that some people have hijacked this thread for a diatribe about how we aren't doing what they want... and in their imaginary time frame.  1.7 is not coming just yet, and we have given no fixed time frame.
    So, I am going to delete all posts on this thread that are not discussing the features that I am showcasing (in a helpful manner).  The intention was to show what we are doing and take helpful feedback before we even get to Beta, and so that you know we are already working towards the next updates.
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    PaulB reacted to Nana in Sneak peeks for 1.7   
    @Pathfinder, you have no idea how valuable having direct access to a developers means.  All I will say is that if you think the developers are not prioritising your request and you find the feature in some bloatware, by all means no one is stopping you from using the bloatware.  In fact, do us the favour and go to the bloatware so the developers can have their peace of mind do innovate without being pested with these discouraging comments from you.
    If you love the so-called "Professional" or "Corporate" guys, then what brings you into this forum??  You should have no business here, IMHO.
    I think "Professionalism" should be reciprocated. If you demand professionalism from the developers as you put it, lead by example.
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    PaulB reacted to Andy Somerfield in Affinity TV - Beta Testers Required!   
    We've got a new app coming out - for the latest generation Apple TV (Late 2015)!
    It's a learning / teaching tool for users of Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer.
    For now, it simply contains all our video tutorial content from the website / Vimeo. We'll of course be adding more focussed, appropriate content over time. We'll also be doing a better job of categorising the content and grouping it together.
    If you have an Apple TV (Late 2015) and would like to beta test this new tool - please email tv@seriflabs.com and tell us your email address (the email must be associated with an active Apple ID) - we'll then add you to the TestFlight beta program and you should receive further installation instructions.
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    PaulB got a reaction from smithlogotype in Text Effects   
    Is There Going to be Anyway to Warp,Distort or Transform Text or Other Objects?
    I Have found that I can only apply styles to text by converting text to curves and Applying the style to each letter separately.
    Is there going to be Symbols and/or Shape libraries Similar to Gallery Feature in Drawplus?
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