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  1. kenjacobsen

    Tiling and Blob brush

    Third! Designer is brilliant but a pressure-sensitive blob brush would be extremely useful! Also badly needed is an eraser tool that works in the same way. While I'm at it, calling it a Brush tool, a la Illustrator, when it doesn't work at all like a brush, is counter-intuitive. I teach Illustrator at a college and have to spend way too much time explaining how un-brushlike the "brush" tool is -not to mention Illustrator's insane pencil tool –and a whole lot of others. I suspect that software designers don't appreciate how completely unintuitive drawing with vectors can be for those who draw professionally –when a correction needs to be made, coat-hanger-wire bending is not how people who draw make corrections. They just draw again, just like the blob brush and eraser do. Thank you, Affinity! By the way, I always recommend you to my students.
  2. Here's another vote for a trace tool! I notice that "Convert Pixel selection to Vector shape" is on the Roadmap, so hopefully that means its in the pipeline. I've been using Illustrator, and their tracing tool (originally a separate program called Steamline) fulltime since 1995.