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  1. Would be good to have an update on the status of this feature, if nothing else. Guys??
  2. @garish I want this feature too but you're making a whole heap of assumptions. With respect, I'm not sure how much the conspiratorial tone helps the cause...
  3. teadog

    Symbols Not Working - AD 1.5

    Hi, I'm having trouble getting symbols to work as expected with nested symbols, when deleting nested items. After this situation occurs, the document is no longer editable, and AD becomes unstable and invariably crashes soon after. Here's a screencast ... http://recordit.co/WRsZJ0ySXV Secondly, double-click to edit nested symbols sometimes doesn't work properly, when you get to the lowest level symbol, double-clicking doesn't make it editable. If I zoom in or zoom out, then it then works as expected. Keep up the good work!
  4. +1 for linking external files. In my experience, this is pretty important for professional workflow. Links and symbols are the only two things stopping me from dropping Illustrator. Keep up the great work!
  5. teadog

    Custom Keyboard Shortcuts

    Hi, I'd like to customise the shortcuts for switching between open documents. Currently in AF and AD, [ctrl+tab] moves to the next open document and [ctrl+tab+shift] goes to the previous, however, I can't find these shortcuts listed in the preferences to change them. There is a shortcut listed for 'Switch to Next View' but this only goes in one direction. Please can you advise? Thanks :)
  6. teadog

    Live preview on mobile devices.

    This would be awesome. Having recently started using Affinity Designer, I think it's got amazing potential to as a competitor to Illustrator and Sketch for UI design. Mobile/tablet live view and dynamic symbols (editable text and styles) and I'm pretty sure I'd switch without much hesitation.