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  1. Take a look in this thread for converted raw therapy LUTs: A git repo with the converter software s also mentioned there.
  2. Hi all, The 'Pexels' stock doesn't work for me. In none of the 1.8.0 versions of Photo, Designer, and Publisher I get results from 'Pexels', while the 'Unsplash' and 'Pixabay' services work fine. One needs to set a check-box in the media-list to agree with 'Pexels' terms and conditions, which I cleared and set a couple of times combined with a restart of the application. But I still don't get any results. Do I need to enable/set something else in order to make the service work? Cheers, Andrea
  3. I have played around with D&D a bit now, and found that it is all about setting the target location more precisely. So, in a numbered list, the curser needs to be placed exactly between the number-prefix and the text. Anyways, having a shortcut like alt + arrow up/down to move lines around, like it is common in code editors, would be really a great feature to have in this case. Thanks for your reply Walt!
  4. Hi all, I have created a menu flyer for a restaurant. The client wants to have several dishes in the menu lists in a different order. Is there a method for moving text lines, or can one change the order of numbered lists (respectively bullet lists) in any way? I have found no keyboard shortcut for it so far. I tried to mark a line and to insert it at another position in the list via drag&drop, but this always breaks the formatting. Reordering the lists with copy&paste every single line would be cumbersome and rather time-consuming now. I hope there is a solution for this task. Cheers, Andrea
  5. Hi Adam, I recently ran into trouble with Publisher 1.7.3 when I created text-styles for a flyer-design. At the point where I grouped several character/paragraph styles hierarchically in the text-styles list, Publisher started getting extremely laggy (showing the OS process spinning wheel all the time). When I removed the dependencies in the styles, everything was working fine again. I only just downloaded the beta version to try if the issue may be solved already, but it still persists. If you guys would like to look into this issue, I would happily upload the file, if you can provide me with an upload-link to avoid having the file publicly accessible. Cheers, Andrea
  6. Hi all! I have installed a bunch of LUTs in Affinity Photo, like the Fuji X-Trans emulations and Kodak film simulations. Over time the list got quite cluttered, so I wonder if there is a chance to reorder the list (currently the items appear in the order they have been added) or if one can even cluster them in categories somehow. I would happily edit some XML or YAML file if it can be done that way :) Cheers, Andrea
  7. Hello, with Photo 1.6.6 I'm not able to open .NEF RAW-Files from within Apple-Photos anymore. I was glad about finding the new entry "Edit in Affinity Photo" in the Apple Photo context menue, but when I click it, it just opens the JPEG preview file in Affinity Photo, but no RAW. After having opened the file, the Affinity Photo Icon jumps every 10s in the launcher bar, as if Affinity Photo would attempt to load the RAW-File over and over again. When I open a .NEF file from disk directly, it is loaded correctly in the RAW develop persona. Unfortunately, this is no workaround for me, since I have lots of pictures encapsulated in the Apple Photo database. Many thanks for your support in advance. Best regards Andrea Schäfer
  8. Hey guys, I use Apple Photos for organizing RAW pictures and I develop them with Affinity Photo. When I right-click a photo in Apple Photos, the context menu just offers the Apple Preview App and the Color-Sync Utility right away, so I have to select Affinity Photo from the program folder list every time. Is there an option to add Affinity Photo to the context menue to skip this inconvenient step? Many thanks in advance for your help. Cheers, Andrea
  9. I use MacOS Sierra. The camera is a Nikon D7000 that is set to only shoot RAW pictures without an additional JPEG version. When I select a picture in Apple Photos and press cmd + I the inspector overlay shows the filename correctly with the NEF extension. But when I pass the selected file over to Affinity photo, it shows up in the photo persona and in the window title the filename is shown with a jpeg suffix.
  10. Hey guys, when I right-click on a NEF file in Apple photos and choose "edit with Affinity photo" it is just the JPEG-Image that shows up then. How can I manage to transfer the NEF-File into the Affinity RAW develop persona? Many thanks in advance. Cheers, Andrea
  11. Hello all! In a tutorial video is mentioned, that the lens correction in Photo 1.5 is performed depending on the lens information in the EXIF data. So I wonder, if Affinity Photo uses some correction values that have been evaluated for particular lenses, or if it simply applies average correction settings, depending on the focal length and the aperture of the lens? Another question I have is, can Apple-Photo plugins be used in Photo 1.5? Especially I'm interested in the DxO plugin, because it performes very well with removing the mustache distortion created by a Samyang 14mm wideangle lens. Many thanks in advance for your help. Cheers, Andrea
  12. Hi! I have some questions to the RAW persona of the new 1.5 version. I wonder, where the toolbar buttons for switching the RAW engine, clipped highlights, shadows and tones have gone? When I open a DNG file, which was shot with the iPhone RAW-Capture App "ProCamera", it looks utterly underexposed and undersaturated, as if no RAW processing was applied. When I open a Nikon NEF RAW file, the preview looks ok. Is the handling of DNG files different in some way? Cheers, Andrea
  13. Hi there, is it possible to correct the moustache distortion of an extreme wide angle lens inside the RAW Develop Persona? Cheers, Andrea
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