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    MikekPhoto got a reaction from anon1 in How to Correct Green "Pet" Eye   
    Well, you should be able to fix this in camera with your flash.  What you need is a diffuser on your flash which will give you wrap around lighting as well as not having the flash directly hitting the eyes. Same technique for eliminating red eye.  For informal images I use a Gary Fong diffuser, works very well it raises the light above the lens and gives really nice wrap around lighting- tad over priced for what it is but pays for itself in not having to eliminate eye problems in post.  For more formal shots I use a small translucent umbrella either shooting through the umbrella or bouncing light into it. The trick is not to have the point light source directly over the lens.
    Attached is a shot of my adopted pooch using a Nikon Flash and translucent umbrella.....  No pet eye :)
    Hope this helps

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    MikekPhoto got a reaction from lucaswxyz in Enhanced Guide/Ruler Support   
    Would like to humble suggest a couple of new features for Guides and Rulers, which would really go along way in improving productivity:
    Rulers, have the ability to change the value of the ruler to (with a right click would be great):
    Percentage Point Picas Inches Centimeter While you can place guides at percentage points, takes a number of clicks to get there, whereas if we could change the ruler to whatever, would make lining up guides on a custom size documents a lot easier and less mouse clicks
    Guides, have the ability to change the guide color, when working on a document with a lot of blues makes it a challenge to see the guides - my eyes need as much help as they can get  B)
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    MikekPhoto got a reaction from JoryikDymn in Introduce Yourself   
    Yes I was aware and have a copy running on one of our Windows machines - but I am having a problem using it with ACR - error message you don't have any qualifying products so for me it is essentially an image browser,  But Bridge with CS6 works just fine for me - just wishing there was an Affinity version of Bridge along with RAW processing that would handle multiple images
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    MikekPhoto got a reaction from David in Getting There   
    I have begun my transition away from Photoshop in earnest and beginning to get the feel of Affinity Photo and the subtle differences between the two products.  Not there just yet, but I am getting there.  Here is a portrait from an Nikon D3 RAW file done completely in AP.  Used a number of tools, including:
    Burn for eyelashes and pupils Inpainting brush for blemish removal and red veins in the whites of the eyes and some stray hairs Clone set to darken color to tidy up the lips and remove some harsh highlights Non-destructive dodge (50% gray layer with white brush) to tone down lines around the eyes Non-Destructive burn to give more detail in the eyebrows Color desaturation layer & curves for whitening the teeth  
    Took me about about an hour to get this far; in Photoshop would have been 15 minutes tops - but getting more efficient as I move up the learning curve  :D
    So all-in-all very please with my progress and the ability of AP to deliver quality images

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    MikekPhoto got a reaction from MelG in [APh] Adjustable Vignette Center   
    Count me in for this feature, while you can achieve this with masks and curves it is not the most efficient method.
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    MikekPhoto got a reaction from peter86 in Best way to Import CDR   
    i have been using Corel Draw since version 2 and stopped upgrading at X3. Still have all the install and Clip Art CD's.  With the work I created in X3 I have found exporting as SVG the best solution and more accurate (color wise) than exporting as a PDF.  Also exporting as PSD file is pretty good as well, while not a vector format I have duplicated a number of assets and scaled them in Corel then selecting each asset and exporting as a PSD and you get a transparent background :)   
    But having the ability to import native CDR files into AD would be great.
    Corel does export in the CMX which is a vector format used for graphic interchange - maybe the Affinity folks could look into that as a way of getting Corel vector artwork into AD?
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    MikekPhoto got a reaction from claudiogalli in Panorama Feature   
    Really impressed with the Pano feature in 1.4.. As a quick test I loaded a three image panorama from my Pentax 645z (50.1 mp) and running on my little Mac mini rendered the pano quite quickly, on par with AutoPano Pro running on an i7 32 GB PC system  The images stitched seamlessly with no artifacts. Well done
    So my feature request would be some additional Pano Projection settings. Not interested in the esoteric projections like Small Earth and Mirror Ball, but:
    Planar Mercator Cyndrical Would be more than welcome additions
    Thanks for a great product.....