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  1. Hi MikePhoto, all the export ideas are valid and very helpful...but more or less only for current work. If one has a data base of XXXL Corel files it would take "centuries" or a lot, lot, lot of time and many rainy days to convert all these files. If you do not convert all, then later you need exactly the ones which you didn't convert. I stopped at X5 because X6 does not embed any more the fonts. Up to now it is necessary for a Mac user to maintain in addition a Windows computer only for the Corel files plus a Corel Draw version ... and this is a pain in the year 2015/2016. I do this with BootCamp and I do not like the switching process. Peter :-)
  2. jmac your "guess" sounds logical.... ... how can other programs read Corel drawings if this is illegal? ... how can other programs read files "owned" by others? If in the Affinity forum arena such a subject is discussed at several locations, why does the company not just make then an entry to state "Not possible, no legal solution available", then we know to stop this dream, that we do not have to wait for such a solution and we have to move on finding other options.
  3. YES...we need CDR import for this great software. There is a big Corel community out there who would love to user their Mac (only). Parallels does not do the job. ‚ÄčTo maintain BootCamp is an unnecessary pain. Conversion via other software is not a good option. Because there are large amounts of corel files with different Corel version on many computers, so please do not limit yourself only to the newest file structure of Corel. A little bit I do not understand that new vector grahics programmes "ignore" the existence of the many, many, many Corel files sitting on computers all over the world and are waiting for being used on the Mac.

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