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  1. 1. I can't see anywhere the artboard size. 2. All pictures are 300dpi, except the ones on the 1st and 2nd artboard which are 50dpi.
  2. Designer's vector/bitmap capabilities are much better than Xara's. I never used Fireworks, so I can't tell anything about it.
  3. I'm not asking "when", I just hope it will be out this year. :) And as addition to my hope -- Publisher to be introduced at same time for Win and Mac. :)
  4. Xara is basically vector based web oriented software. It's bitmaps capabilities are like pixel persona in Designer and it's layout capabilities are like Affinity's non-existing layout persona. :)
  5. BTW MikeW, I am also owner of PagePlus, DrawPlus and PhotoPlus... :)
  6. Hey guys, what's going on here? In 100+ posts on this topic you are talking about some discount. How big discount do you expect -- 5$, 10$...? Maybe you even want Serif to pay to you and give you free serial? Shame on you. Are you short 10$ to the end of the month? Give me your bank account I'll pay to you. Instead of being grateful you have such a wonderful software for no money you are yelling here like old women. If you are angry, just forget Serif and stay with Adobe. They like somebody like you.
  7. Hi, 1. I've opened a PDF document in Designer previously created by InDesign (open.afphoto) with dimensions 123 x 236mm, but when I open "Document Setup" (document setup.afphoto) I see that dimensions are totally different and like the document is in a landscape mode. 2. When I select a picture, which is TIF/CMYK in PDF, I can't see what kind of format is in Designer. Is there any way I can see it? 3. It is great that I can see picture resolution in pixels and it's printing density (dpi), but can you add type and mode of the picture beside this information? document setup.afphoto open.afphoto
  8. If they are primary for you, it doesn't mean they are primary for others. :)
  9. But they are totally confused. Instead of colaborating, their teams compete each other. How else you can explain that same feature(s) works in three different ways into PS, AI and ID?
  10. "Node", "Pen" and "Pencil" tool could be merged into one tool: 1. Drawing with left mouse button pressed -- draws a freehand line 2. Combined with CTRL -- draws straight line 3. Double click on a line segment -- creates a node 4. Double click on a node -- deletes it 5. Dragging with left mouse button pressed on a stright line segment -- creates curve segment 6. Holding CTRL/ALT/SHIFT when clicking on a node converts it into node where you can drag the handles simetrical / smooth / each handle independently. I know that some features already exists, but I just have to mention them. Dealing with colors: Remove "standard" colors and left only global swatches and colors systems (Pantone...) Left click on a color -- fill, right click -- stroke. Just remove these Adobe like icons because they are just confusing and not so easy to select them expecially on a monitors with high resolution. Put "rectangle tool" and "elipse tool" together with other smart objects like in Photo. Remove "rounded rectangle tool" from Designer and Photo because it can be done with "rectangle tool".
  11. Every new good implemented import filter means one app less to use, more room on the HD and more computer speed. :)
  12. Yeah, but Inkscape opens CDR files up to version X4, even CMX ones. Maybe they have a deal with Corel? :)
  13. Just bought it! Allready have the book, too! Thank you!
  14. It would be fantastic if we can change line atributes (color, width, opacity...) from segment to segment. :)
  15. For emergency, separate the document into parts. For example, if the problematic pages are 25 and 32 then separate the document this way: 1-24, 25, 26-31, 32, 33-44. Then combine them into Acrobat.
  16. You will have to recomend APhoto, too. You can't expect one app to have all the bitmap tools. AD is not all-in-one app, sorry. :)
  17. There is no app that can do what you want. When text is converted into shapes it loses all font information. You can resized it manually, but I don't think that is what you want.
  18. If you didn't buy the WORKBOOK yet, then it would be better to ask the Affinity stuff is there what you need and to buy it if the answer is YES.
  19. I think you didn't understand my point. What I wanted to say is that Affinity softwer is Beta version, not Windows or Mac OS. ;)
  20. Hi, Can you explain what is correct: Affinity Designer/Photo on Win/Mac Beta, or Affinity Designer/Photo Beta on Win/Mac? :) untitled.afphoto
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