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  1. After trying a few combinations, it seems it is possible. If we turn off embed profiles option, in the "more" window of the PDF export, we can stop gradients from rasterising. However, FX, Opacity, Adjustments and some cases even grouping of curves cause rasterization.
  2. It would be great if we could have version control specially with the UX feature that is being designed. There is a lot of back and forth that always happens in that case.
  3. I wouldn't give up Photo for Photoshop (ever). However, I have to keep in mind my clients - who possibly still use Photoshop & PSDs. In many cases, I need to send them an editable file. I have got 3 guys on my team to switch from PS to Photo (no surprise there) so to me, it isn't a PS vs Photo product dialogue but an actual issue I need to resolve. In Affinity Designer I've created a preset for myself that worked. Screen grab below. This helped me export files as SVG and then open them in Illustrator (without loss). I haven't been able to open SVG format in Photoshop and usually PDF files exported from Designer & Photo open up merged in PS. Even if there is a preset or a combination of selections that can give me editable text & not rasterized shapes, I think my job is done. Right now, I'm telling clients "I'm working on getting my PSDs to open at your end" (what I'm doing is just waiting for the next update to roll out). That's not going to stand for long now is it. :D
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