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  1. That was my thought, that there was a modal dialog somewhere that I couldn't see. However, I was unable to minimize anything in Affinity Photo and even when I clicked on the red, yellow and green close, minimize and full screen icons, it just beeped. I also tried using Mission Control, but was unable to see any dialog blocking things. Oddly, I put my laptop to sleep, unplugged it from my display upstairs, and when I got downstairs the dialog finally appeared. I was able to save the file somewhere else and then quit. I use several different monitor configurations so that's probably part of the bug. I'm glad I left it open because it looks so much better than the one I redid in Pixelmator.
  2. ultimate

    Affinity TV - Beta Testers Required!

    The Affinity videos are all available on Vimeo. The Apple TV app for the 4th Generation model is a very nice addition, but I previous watched them on my Apple TV using the Vimeo app, my Vimeo account and Airplay. Presumably, Vimeo works on all modern devices, including Android and others, including the iPad and iPhone. This is how I learned how to make selections. :)
  3. I opened a PNG file to work up a logo. I added some text, a new background, knocked out some white areas. I was just about done and thought, oh, I should save this. When I tried to save it, it said that it contained non-pixel areas and did I want to save it as a new document, which is what I chose. The file, as near as I can tell, was not saved. Now, I have access to only a few menu items and every item I click on in the interface beeps back at me. Saving is no long an option and even quitting isn't allowed. I'd rather not throw out 30 minutes of work, but I can't figure out what mode I'm in that wouldn't let me get of it and save. Any thoughts or will I need to force quit the application and start over from scratch in Pixelmator?