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  1. I had the same results, and noticed that, at least for me, AD consistently only imports 68 swatches per palette using this method. The workaround I used was to take multiple screenshots in Photoshop's swatches panel of the Google palettes you referenced, then named them sequentially, e.g., "Google Material Expanded Palette 1", "Google Material Expanded Palette 2", etc and imported them individually. That seemed to allow me to capture more of the colors, but the downside is they are spread across multiple palettes in AD.
  2. Hello, I’ve searched through existing posts (see short list below) but it’s not clearly stated if those requests have been added to the development list or out of consideration. (They don’t appear to be reflected in the roadmap unless I’m missing a reference.) Is it possible to get clarification as to whether Affinity has plans to support: Ability to import Photoshop and Illustrator 'Preset' files / styles: Most Important:Gradients: .grd file extension Styles: .asl file extension Patterns: .pat file extensionIncluding preset pattern fills (related post by someone else is refe
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