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  1. Thank you MEB. I will do my best to keep you guys busy. ;)
  2. Hi, I have encountered some strange behaviour using the Crop Tool in Affinity Photo beta Trying to add a preset with a custom ratio, the new preset was added to the list, but when I applied it, the Mode drop-down just switched back to Unconstrained. Thinking I made a mistake while saving the preset, I wanted to delete it to create a new one, but Photo did not let me do that. Since my version of Affinity Photo runs in German, I changed the language to English to get the proper terms used for the UI elements, to describe my problem in this forum. I was surprised to learn
  3. Hi, I would highly appreciate the implementation of savable views. In Mischief there is feature called Pins, where you pan and zoom the view to your liking and then create kind of a bookmark for this view on the document. These view states are saved in a palette for easy access: New View and the Views submenu can be used to recreate this to a certain extend, but an implementation more like Mischief does it, would be very useful for detail work in Designer and maybe even the other Affinity applications, in my opinion. Thanks for an already awesome product and keep up t
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