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  1. Using the cursor keys is much slower than dragging your mouse to the bottom. On my keyboard i don't have page down or up buttons (Apple wireless keyboard). And those two options aren't quite an intuitive way to use the font menu. I hope that Affinity tries to be as intuitive as it can be.
  2. I use a Wacom tablet and i have to put the mouse cursor always at the bottom to scroll it is super slow, I don't have a mouse at all. :/
  3. Hi, Affinity I will write here lots of feature requests and improvements that you'll should do in my opinion. Hope that you take my opinions into consideration. Typography - Better opentype features. I cant see when the font supports smallcaps or superscript or when Affinity generates them. It would be really useful to know 100% when Affinity generates and when the font supports them. - Font selection menu: allow for a scrollbar its super slow to drag your mouse to the end of the list every time when i want to scroll. Pentool - Quicker Break and add anchor points to existing paths. I really often create basic shapes and add or delete segments to make my shape (shape building). At the moment i cant figure how to add new points to existing paths. I can delete points but it tries to keep the shape intact I have to press break curve before i can delete them. - When using the pentool allow me to move the anchor points that i just have created (example: i add a new anchor point and its not in the correct spot allow me to move it quickly with spacebar). (IMPORTANT) Color - Allow me to drag colors to swatches library. - Let me detach pantone and other color libraries from the swatches panel Misc - Allow me to switch between pasteboard and non-pasteboard view. Or go pasteboard all the way (illustrator) - Allow me to reset grid settings. (If i select isometric and then back to standard it keeps the isometric settings) - When creating a new document show bleed options and show the bleed area in the document. Affinity UI - The icons should be updated to be prettier. (Hint you are a design software don't make the software look ugly). - Allow me to detach aling and pathfinder windows that i can reorder the windows how i like. - Allow me to aling anchor points. - Artistic text tool and Frame text why? cant they be the same tool and if you drag it will create a text frame and if you click it will create Artistic text box. Features - Reflect tool. (IMPORTANT) - Add Offset Path command or a panel. I use this hundreds of times a day. This gives me the exact same shape bigger or smaller. A panel would be the best solution for this i have a good idea on how it should look. (IMPORTANT) - Rotate tool. I know that i can drag the center of each object but a rotation tool would we nice that i could just click and know how it will rotate and i could set specific degrees and copies. (IMPORTANT) - Scale tool. I am using Affinity 1.4 Here are some of my suggestions there are lots more but i cant remember all of them now. But those are the most important in my opinion. Hope that you look into this and tell me how you feel about my suggestions and opinions.
  4. Hi, I do you have plans to change the opentype display in Affinity Designer. At the moment you cant see does a font support Small caps / superscript or does Affinity make a Faux version. Is there a email address where i could send questions about using Affinity programs at our school? We could be interested on installing Affinity suite on our Schools computers.
  5. pullapooh

    Pen tool behavior

    MEB , Ben , MattP It does not have to be spacebar but the functionality in my opinion is really important. Because Pen tool is one of the most used tool in a vector editing program. It has to be quick and easy to use. I don't know is it me but i really love the Pen tool in Adobe Illustrator and i hate the Pen tool in Adobe Photoshop it really sucks. At the moment Affinitys Pen tool is more like Photoshop. The video explains the difference. Video: http://youtu.be/duGsgn2X6_E
  6. pullapooh

    Pen tool behavior

    Meb Is it possible that Affinity Designer is going to add this functionality?
  7. pullapooh

    Pen tool behavior

    Hi, Meb Thats true but you have to place it and then press the cmd key. It would be so much better that you could immediately move it. In Illustrator if you place a anchor point and press spacebar you can move it and then it gives back the bezier handles. But in Affinity you place anchor point then release selection press cmd key and move it then you have go back and select the anchor to edit the bezier handles. There is one step more. I have made an video of the difference. Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=duGsgn2X6_E&list=UUv-eGam3wWih5ZQFTCPMHIA
  8. Hi, It would be really nice if you could move the placed anchor point immediately if you press the spacebar. Like in Illustrator if i place a anchor point i can immediately move it if i hold spacebar.

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