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  1. Thanks Sean P for the reply.

    I just want to make a comment about the file not finished loading - that is the problem I'm encountering. The file takes a long time to upload only when I open them from the "Open Recent..." option on the drop down menu -that's when it opens and there is data missing.  So the upload is incomplete but it stays there - it' doesn't upload anymore data. I then proceed to close the file where I run into all of the other problems with File explorer or anywhere else that I hover the mouse over the screen.  The text disappears and then Icon remains.  I then have to completely reboot the system and everything comes back properly.

    It gets even weirder. If I open the file directly from File Explorer it opens Affinity Designer and the file uploads properly.  Then I shut down Affinity, reopen Affinity D, open the file from the "Open Recent" and everything works properly.  So it seems like the "Open Recent" option creates problems with whatever file i try to open in a new AD session. Once I've opened a file I can then go back and use the "Open Recent" option and it works fine.  Until....I shut down and then reopen AD -then the whole problems starts fresh.

    I have a work around solution to the problem for now and I can continue to work, so the pressure is off.  Just thought you guys might want to know about this issue.

    I have then latest version of AD installed and it seems to perform in the same way but I'll keep an eye on it and keep you posted.

    In the meantime, I would appreciate being kept informed on any developments you folks make on this issue.  

    I still love the products


  2. I recently uploaded your latest version of Affinity Designer (vers.  Everything went smoothly until I started to notice that it was taking an extremely long time to load my files - like up to 4 minutes. Once the files were loaded I noticed that they were corrupted and chunks of data were missing, jumbled and not functional.  I could not edit them as it seemed that Designer was misinterpreting all of my keystrokes (different fonts appeared, missing letters etc.) As I started to navigate around the interface, text for the icons started to disappear leaving behind the Icon but no text.  Furthermore when I shifted to Microsoft File Explorer it did the same thing. Every time I so much as hover over an icon the text disappears. i would have to shut the whole system down, reboot and start all over again.  For a while that worked but over time it is happening much more frequently and the reboot isn't working anymore. The files are permanently broken and I have to start the project up again from scratch. I am loosing files like crazy as of today. I don't think it's  virus because it isn't happening in any of my other software other than Affinity Designer and subsequently (only when I use AD) Microsoft File Explorer


    My wife and I run a small Coffee Roasting business on Vancouver Island and this is the busiest time of the year for us. We print a huge variety of customized coffee bag labels for fund raisers.  Needless to say this is causing undue stress in our lives.  I really like the Affinity products and don't want to switch to anything else so I'm hoping you can help me out quickly.


    I've included some of the files and would be curious to know what happens when you folks open them.

    Should I try to uninstall Affinity Designer and then re install?

    Any other ideas?


    FSC DR WB .afdesign

    FSC MR G .afdesign

    FSC DR G .afdesign

  3. Fair enough Patrick but with respect, I have been trying to get a hold of someone at Affinity/Serif now for over a month and can't seem to have anyone respond to my inquiries about an order that I placed back in November.  Out of desperation I posted on the forum to try and get some kind of response.


    The "affinityorders@serif.com" doesn't work -when I try to open it I get a blank page.  I sent an e mail via hotmail to the link twice and still no response. So where do I go???


    I have been receiving notifications for Affinity Photo but I'm not sure I want a product that has no support, regardless of the price.


    Please respond and restore my faith because as noted I think the product itself is fabulous


    I've include my original e mail to reference.







    Ok Folks this is the second e mail I have sent with no response from you guys.  The first one was a s follows:


    Hello Affinity Designer crew;

    Let me start by saying how very impressed I am with your product and my desire to support your endeavors in every way possible.  The word is out among my designer colleagues that your product is worthy and impressive.  I will continue to rant about your products to my friends.


    I recently ordered (and paid for) your designer manual, an item that was long on my list of requests. However the order was placed on November 5.2016 (Order Number ABPCPZBNJW) and your terms stated 5 to 7 business days.


    I live on a remote island off of Vancouver Island and I understand time moves a little more slowly here but it has now been roughly 20 business days.

    Any chance you can track the location of this manual for me.

    Much appreciated and thanks again for a superb product.

  4. Hi Retep,

    Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

    I'm not sure I understand you question. You can simply copy the file to your Mac and open it there with Affinity Designer Beta (1.5) which uses the same file format as Designer for Windows (1.5) as R C-R pointed out.

    The Mac App Store version (1.4.3) cannot open files from Designer for Windows Beta and Designer for Mac Beta versions because it still uses the old file format.

    On the contrary you understood my question very well and your response most helpful - thank you.

  5. The Windows Designer beta uses the new 1.5 file format, which is incompatible with the 1.4.x & earlier Mac retail versions. However, the Mac betas also use the 1.5 format so you can open the Windows files with them. Click on the top level Affinity | Forum link at the top of this page to see all the forums, including the 3 devoted to the betas. The first post in each of them has important info about the betas & links to download them.

    Thanks for your response - most herlpful