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    No column Grid?

    As said above: "The option to create a grid with basic margins/columns/gutters should be front and centre, probably presented when you create your new document." Without this Affinity Publisher is ruling itself out of news and magazine markets.
  2. andrew@grant-adamson.me.uk

    Help getting ahead of purchased version

    I love Designer, fast and effective. But I have just spent an hour searching for the Pantone swatches. The help menu told me they were there and suggested how I accessed them but I just could not get them on screen. I looked at the forum and the date of posts suggested they were a fairly new addition. Downloaded the latest beta and up come the Pantone swatches. Could you please ensure that the Help does not get ahead of the version sold at the App Store. Or it might be better to signal in the help menu that something will be in the next version.