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  1. To reply to the original points of the post. I have started using super vectorizer 2 and it seems quite capable of turning out decent vectors from photos. I am only using it for outlines for cut paths from photos, so am using it in 2 colour mode. I do have quite a few years experience of Illustrator and I can testify that it has more controls than illustrator and appears to have better fine control. Of course it's not magic, if you put in a low pixel crappy photo, you will not get good results out but that stands to reason for all the tracing programs. It's well worth a try until AD gets a tracing function Anyone have any idea if there will ever be any plugins for AD in the same realm as the Astute graphics? I used them alot with Illustrator until the great subscription fiasco. The extra functionality could really make AD a show stopper.
  2. Hahahaha good call, sorry I meant 'bred'. Crap I just undermined all my own arguments! Doh! So the preview is looking awesome and much better than I think a lot of people on the forums were expecting. I'm sure this has already been spotted by the eagle eyed, but why is the user setting up spreads on single pages, do you think it is because AP isn't able to drag and drop pages next to each other in the page overview tab yet? Or just personal preference? A small difference to the way Indesign works, but it could indicate a completely different approach to setting up page sizes and relationships?
  3. 'If I say "I am getting the next train to Nottingham" I mean the next train not the one after the next one. Likewise next summer means the next one not the one after the next. (How can that even make sense?) If it's a Monday and I say let's all meet at the Pub next Saturday, I would not expect to be sitting there on my own with everyone else turning up a week later. If I am next in the queue at the doctors I expect to see him/her next, not to have someone else jump in front of me saying... "next, means after me". Englanders are renowned for their queuing etiquette but if you start messing with what "Next" means then there will be riots on the streets.' I agree with the next train and next in the queue but the pub example always gets English speaking people arguing. If it is Monday and you say next Saturday, I guarantee you at least one of your friends will ask 'do you mean this Saturday or next Saturday?' I have heard this argument come up many, many times, correctly or incorrectly I might add. I am not claiming this to be 'correct' english but from my 40 years experience in the UK this is how some British people use 'next' when referencing time (** I should state although I am born and bread in Britain, I do not claim to be an expert on the peculiarities of the English language (of which there are many)). http://www.englishlessonsbrighton.co.uk/this-next-day-week/ https://english.stackexchange.com/questions/36419/next-friday-vs-this-friday According to previous forum posts it is at this point customary to slag off Nottingham or people from there but I will leave that to the 'next' poster, they have enough problems already tee hee hee... sorry couldn't resist
  4. I totally agree Alfred I was born in Wales but with two English parents and we all say 'this summer' for the summer of the year we are in, even if that period has passed. For example; "wasn't this summer wet and miserable, just like last year", you might say in December when reminiscing on another typical British summer. 'Next summer' is the summer of the next year i.e 2019 even if you say "let's go on holiday next summer" in January 2018, you still mean June - August of 2019. But that's all semantic pedantic. Who gives a monkey's uncle? We are finally getting the coveted middle finger to Creative Cloud** that we have all so patiently waited for. Thank the gods! We were all starting to lose faith. Serif, with this sneak peak you have restored your Affinity crown and we will worship you once again. **Dear God of design briefs, I know some people on this forum are saying the first versions wont be as good as Indesign, but please let APB 1.0 be good enough for most client work. I am still sucking up a creative cloud subscription through gritted teeth.
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