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  1. I have been using Designer and Photo now for a few months and like the programs very much. I was a user of Illustrator and Photoshop for many years but my old (CS5) versions were becoming incompatible with Mac OS updates and I am not going to be held hostage by their subscription fees. As you say, you are a small group of developers, so I’m not going to hammer the point of missing features - you are doing a great job and I never expected “clones” of Adobe. I have been using Inkscape for some things (transforming between objects and colors for example - “interpolate” in Inkscape and saving as .eps or .svg for parts of projects, then importing into Designer) and it has been working well. However, to throw in my two cents worth, THE most frustrating omission and one that can waste hours on a project is the inability to select by some attribute (fill/stroke color/weight etc.) Just saying…
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