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  1. I didn't actually fix it. The designer just gave me a flattened version of the pdf instead.
  2. I'm not talking about the actual shadow or outline. I'm talking about the gray rectangles. They aren't supposed to be there.
  3. I've added three more screenshots. The one that shows "HER" is the original .pdf, which is the way it should be. With no gray lines around the text. The other two screenshots show with the mask that is the shadow beneath the R. Then also with that shadow hidden, which removes the line around the R.
  4. I hired a designer to create a book cover design and was given the .pdf file. When I import a .pdf from a design into Affinity Photo 2, each letter has a gray line surrounding it. The lines are actually on the shadow that is beneath each letter. (see screenshot) When I hide the shadow, the lines go away. The lines, however, are not on the original .pdf. Any idea what would cause this and how to get rid of it when I export?
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