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  1. I actually went ahead and fixed all my documents, by a) removing the Fx from all my documents and switching it to a stroke and b) exporting all text as curves. So I'm solved my problem on my end; you may just want to make this a bug in your bug tracker, but it can at least be a lower priority one since there is a workaround for now. :)
  2. It appears that replace the effect with a stroke seems to work, but it does require me to update a ton of documents. >_<
  3. I don't think it's specifically with the embedded document either: if I take the embedded document and replace it with a copy-paste of the actual document, the export has the same problem. Oddly enough, exports of that actual embedded document (see attached) don't have that problem. Very bizarre! key-public-alice.afdesign key-public-alice.svg
  4. Hey there! When I export (SVG for web) this document, the "A" in Alice's public key (the green one) becomes badly misaligned. Other documents with different letters place the letter differently. Any idea what's up? Thanks much! certificate-alice-signed.afdesign certificate-alice-signed.svg
  5. Oh hey, you're totally right. For some reason, I feel like that wasn't working before. My bad! So scratch my second comment, but it would still be nice to add a bit to the reminder text. :)
  6. (it would actually probably be nice if the chord was simpler too, like just ⌥+Click to select another object)
  7. When you click on an object with the move tool, it suggests this at the bottom: 'xyz' selected. Drag to move selection. Click another object to select it. Click on an empty area to deselect selection. It would be fantastic if it instead said: 'xyz' selected. Drag to move selection. Click another object to select it. ⇧⌥+Click to select an additional object. Click on an empty area to deselect selection. It took me forever to discover that method of selecting multiple objects, and would have saved me a ton of time when I was first learning Affinity. Thanks so much!
  8. Another vote to fix the comma bug when you're typing in text. It is super annoying! At least as a workaround, you can copy a comma to your clipboard and paste it in.
  9. I'd also like to add that if you have text with an effect (in my case, a 100% opaque black outline @ 8px), that also results in rasterization even though it could probably represented as a curve. I can open up a new bug for that if you'd like?
  10. Ahh, you are absolutely correct. Using the beta dropped the size from about 500KB to about 6KB. Thank you so very much!
  11. Hello! When I take a vector-only .afdesign file, and place it into another vector-only .afdesign file, all the placed documents end up being rasterized. If I choose not to rasterize, they simply don't appear in the SVG file at all. This makes my SVG files huge (what will normally be a 5KB file will balloon to 150KB on export), and also makes them look really fuzzy. This is particularly problematic when I am making diagrams by taking pieces of dozens of different design elements and placing them into a single file. I've attached two versions of the file below: one with a vector (b
  12. If you set a rotation to something like -60º, it will just set your rotation to 0º. It should instead set it to 300º (or just let you have it as -60º). At the very least, leave it as the original measurement, instead of setting it to zero. In any case, -60º is a perfectly valid measurement. :) Not a huge deal, but if I have one circle rotated at 72º, I don't want to be having to mathing it out in my head to get its mirror to 288º, and so on. Thanks!
  13. It's no problem, I'm just glad that you could figure out the problem. Once I changed everything to using a 'round' join, it dropped down to a 5KB SVG and it looks visually the same. Thanks for taking the time to fix the problem, and thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I really appreciate it!
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