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  1. is it possible to set foreground/background colours in a one bit bitmap like I know it from Quark? Can the background be set to transparent like in Quark?
  2. does not work, AFPhoto does not render the embedded fonts although they are there. :( I'm receiving pdf's from clients to be embedded in a Quark document, and AFP claims fonts are missing. Apple Preview and Photoshop 5 import the pdf correctly, also Quark XPress. If I import to AFP fonts are all Arial. Is this a known issue or is there an error in my workflow/machine setup?
  3. Sorry, forget the above. Path is wrong. This is how it is working here:
  4. Lamont Set 'Plugin Search Folders' to: /Library/Application Support/Topaz Labs/Plugins and 'Plugin support folders' to: / support folder must be writable for the plugin-app.
  5. That's what I tried, but the presets in my list are not selectable. If I try to select one of them, the curser jumps to 'unconstrained' immediately.
  6. in cut tool? I added some presets just for testing, and do not find a way to delete these again. Even after complete new installation from scratch the previously generated custom presets are still there. !
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