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  1. There are various workarounds for the S5 ii. Silkypix or Adobe RAW converter to get a .tiff or .dng respectively. They aren't that good though IMHO. I have found the best fix to be to use DxO PureRAW 3 before opening in Affinity Photo. DxO already fully supports the S5 ii and all of its lenses. It does the lens corrections and produces a superb .dng, reducing noise, but improving the image even if none is actually needed. The sharpening option is really good. It auto-sends into AP's Develop Persona after processing and I can proceed with post-processing as usual. It's a shame the AP team can't keep up with other developers, who seem to be able to update equipment support much more often. ACDSee's DAM software and Topaz Labs are the same in that they don't support the S5 ii yet either. I guess you get what you pay for!
  2. I have the same issue in the latest version (on 7/23) on Win 11 Pro. Even with a max brush size. If I close out AP and restart, sometimes that fixes it, sometimes not. Then, for no reason, the circle might just reappear while I'm editing and go back to the brush. ???
  3. That could be another year! LibRAW updates every 1.5 to 2 years! Meanwhile, we S5ii users are ******, more so when I also note no support yet for the Sigma 60-600mm f4.5-6.3 DG DN OS lens for L-mount, though the Lumix S 20-60mm f3.5-5.6 is at least supported.
  4. How often are these updated by you guys? What's my wait time?
  5. I understand there will never be support from launch day. I bought the camera 6 months AFTER launch and it's essentially useless to me.
  6. This is BS It's been supported by LibRAW for months! They state... "Panasonic DC-S5 II is supported since March, 2023;"
  7. I contacted LibRAW. They state they have included the S5 ii already and it's Affinity Photo that is at fault... "We do not provide direct user support for other's end user products (with the exception of ours end-user products, of course). If Affinity takes money from its users, they should be engaged in support without throwing this ball to us. LibRAW is targeted to developers, we're ready to provide support for Affinity team, but they never contacted us. Please send this link to Affinity team: https://www.libraw.org/extended-support” It's ridiculous that a 6-month-old camera is not supported yet. I have a camera that is of no use to me as I work exclusively with RAW images. I had issues when buying the software. I should have taken the hint and gone elsewhere for my photo editing!
  8. I have the same issue as of June 28 2023, having just bought the S5 ii. I guess the camera is going to have to be returned if I can't edit RAW's in AF 2
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