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  1. It's been almost five months since this camera released and there is still no raw support for this camera. I know I'm not the only one frustrated by this. I get that Panasonic is not on the top of the list but if I had known it would get ignored I would have never bought this software. Now that I have waited it out this long for an update and still no RAW support I guess I have to spend more money elsewhere and make sure to not suggest this product anymore.
  2. Thanks for the welcome and reply @Komatös ! I understand what you are saying I guess I was just hoping maybe somebody had heard something or if maybe anyone higher up pays attention to these forums.
  3. I don't mean to sound impatient but just curious if there is an update coming soon (and how soon?) to support S5II RAW? I'm hoping to not have to pay the dark overlords for their software as I'm an Affinity fan. Thank you kindly
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