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  1. On Affinity Photo I want to export an entire black image to a 3x3 square of slices. As this square is bigger than original image, 8 exported slices but the center's one have extra pixels. When I exported slices, these extra pixels are white. I want them to be black. I tried many tricks without success: change background color of image, add a square below the image and fill it with black... No success. Extra pixels are always white. Is there a way to achieve this goal? Original image Mosaic of slices Slices As you can see, extra background is white. Top left slice
  2. I found how to solve the issue: by unchecking Set viewBox on SVG settings. I still don't know if it's a bug or the desired behavior...
  3. Hi, Today I noticed SVG export from Affinity Designer (Mac) doesn't show on some apps. Ok, let's start! I wanted to created a Pinterest SVG logo for a website. So I came to Pinterest website, download branding files and open a PDF file on AD. I then create a logo using artboard and exported it to SVG for web. I used this file to the website: it display well both on Safari and Firefox. Later I downloaded an app from AppStore to render and manipulate SVG: Gapplin. It's a free application available on AppStore. I then noticed the SVG file I created earlier, the Pinterest logo did not show on Gapplin. I've tried to change SVG export setting on AD without solving the issue. I then try with other SVG files generated by AD: same issue! I then noticed these issues also occurred on Quicklook. So it seems to be a AD problem. Here are some files involved: logoPinterest.svg wordmark+badgeRGB.svg
  4. You should implement the macOS's built in versioning. First this feature is ready to use (I am wrong?) and second this bring consistency within the platform. Today I lost my work because 1/ I am used to work with built-in feature on many apps and 2/ I thought AD have this feature implemented as many others.
  5. Agree. AD could implement native Revert To feature from macOS.
  6. Ok, found the problem: on Draw persona, object size is 512x512 pt. this object contain a background square of 512x512pt with a stroke of 1pt. so object size is wrong as it should be 514x514 by including stroke of inner objects Removing background outline correct the error.
  7. On AD, I've created an object sized 512x512. When I want to export it, I selected it to create a slice. The slice have a 514x514 size...
  8. Furthermore add the ability to: choose export document format: .PNG, .PDF define a dimension to define the size of the asset: "width40", "height400" define suffix that can be reused: "-size1", "S1"...
  9. New incoming game design...

  10. Hi, There are more ressources needed for App Store promotion pages. Files are attached to this post and more information can be found at Apple: https://itunesconnect.apple.com/WebObjects/iTunesConnect.woa/wo/4.0 ​ App-Background-Template-psd.zip App-Title-Treatment.psd.zip
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